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Best Summer Boxes 2020

Best Summer Boxes 2020

Summer is the best time for travels to uncharted lands, shopping for cute products, pool parties, and non-ending fun with friends and family. However, we live in 2020 and this summer is nothing like that – travel to uncharted lands is not possible, shopping is complicated to say the least, pools are mainly closed unless you have your own, and fun with friends is sort of way less fun in groups of no more than ten, with mandatory masks, and social distancing of 6 feet…

Top Summer Boxes 2020

Despite all this sadness and cancelled summer plans, there is no reason to despair. Life will get back to normal eventually, and in the meantime, there are plenty of subscription boxes to keep your spirits up.

Summer Boxes 2020

As soon as I get sad, I go to one of my favorite boxes and indulge in some beauty therapy. These boxes are the best thing right now because you don’t have to shop for separate products, because experts select items for you and deliver all these subscriptions to your door contact-free. I say subscription boxes should be coronavirus must have! In fact they should remain a must even after the virus is long forgotten, because there is nothing more convenient and mood uplifting than periodically getting boxes loaded with goodies for beauty, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle.

As a seasoned subscription box customer, I selected some that I simply can’t live without this summer. Take a look and consider trying some yourself:

Smartass & Sass

Smartass & Sass Summer Box

This box is new to me and I really like it. As I mentioned above, we can’t have too much fun these days, so this box with its quirky and funny merchandise is spot on.

Smartass & Sass Coupons

You can order a funny shirt or a box full of funny little nothings. You can also combine the two for a little extra.

See Smartass & Sass Discount Codes:

  • 15% off your next purchase with code SASSY15
  • 10% OFF Your Order with code SC10

Smartass & Sass Summer Promo

If sayings like Tired AF, Guilty as Charged, Mom AF, Beach Please Water Bottle mean anything and appeal to you – this box is a must then. The box is monthly, so fun will arrive continuously.


YogaClub Summer Box

Yoga pants are all the rage these days – you wear them at home, in home gym, to the store, and since you most likely now work from home, you probably wear them to your “office” too. The same goes for cute athletic shirts.

YogaClub Summer Promo

Every yoga stuff costs pretty penny, we all l now that, but this box breaks the stereotype and delivers very high quality yoga leggings and shirts with a huge discount. If you are anything like me and yoga leggings are your second skin, give them a try and you will be hooked right away.

See YogaClub Discounts:

  • $50 Off Your First Box when use coupon code IN23581MZ
  • $30 OFF Your First Box with code DISCOVERER30


CauseBox Summer Coupons

CauseBox is one of my all-time favorites and never fails to deliver great products for beauty, fitness, fashion accessories, good for environment items, and amazing for home stuff. Most importantly, the company focuses on renewable materials, natural ingredients, and support for communities that need support.

See CauseBox Coupons:

  • 30% OFF Storewide with code JAM
  • 30% OFF First Box Subscription with code BEAUTY

CauseBox Summer Deals

In addition to enjoying unique items, your money will support local charities and help people in need through salaries to artisans that hand craft many products sent to you. The box is always amazing, which makes me look forward to each season with anticipation.


FabFitFun Summer Coupons

FabFitFun is the first subscription box I tried and the one that started me on this subscription boxes love affair. The company specializes on trendy brands and lesser known newcomers in beauty and skin care industry. Each box contains 6-8 full size items and is valued at over $200. The subscription is seasonal, so you will get 4 boxes per year.

FabFitFun Summer Promo

And let me tell you – you will be waiting for each box like its Christmas! I have loved every item from FabFitFun, be it makeup, hair care, skin care, scarves, gloves, yoga supplies, water bottles, planners, candles, coffee mugs, and much more.

See FabFitFun Promotions:

  • 40% OFF First Box with code FUTURE
  • $10 OFF First Box Subscription with code SPICE
  • Free Shipping on All Orders

FabFitFun Summer Box Promo

Be Kind by Ellen

Be Kind By Ellen Summer Box

Be Kind by Ellen is curated by Ellen DeGeneres and includes a variety of items that she likes. It’s a seasonal lifestyle box, similar to CauseBox and FabFitFun. I only got one so far, but I really enjoyed what I received. I can feel Ellen’s sense of humor and humility from all items that she picked for the box. It’s summery and inviting to the beach, it also bears a positive message, kind of like her clothes line in collaboration with Walmart called EV1, which I love! It’s about love and inclusivity for everyone – a message so powerful and so needed today.

Try any one of those boxes and your summer 2020 might just be rescued! You are welcome!