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Smartass & Sass Box Honest Review

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In the busy world of subscription boxes, it’s hard to find something refreshing and wow, but Smartass & Sass delivers both. It all starts with the name and takes off from there. The box is monthly and always full of fun items for people with a sense of humor. All full size items are quirky, pun intended, and sheer perfection for lifting up our spirits in this time of coronavirus.

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The box was gifted to me and it exceeded the expectations. I always love funny things, but not always shop for them. In this case they all came to me and after thoroughly enjoying every one of them I will be ordering this box myself.

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This is especially true for summer when we crave light and fun things, even if the world still feels uncertain about this whole lockdown thing. 

Smartass & Sass Box Deals

Smartass & Sass offers three different types of subscription: 

  • $15.95 t-shirt subscription 
  • $34.95 regular box subscription
  • $49.95 big box subscription, which is a box + t-shirt

Smartass & Sass Box Rewards

I am interested in regular box subscription because I liked what I got and I don’t think I will need a funny t-shirt every month.

See Smartass & Sass Coupons:

  • 15% OFF Your First Subscription with code NEWSASS
  • 10% OFF Your Order with code SC10
  • Free Shipping on U.S. Shop-Only Orders Over $75 with code FREESHIP

Smartass & Sass Box May 2020

Without further ado, this is the contents of my first box:

Work Hard Play Hard zippered tote

Smartass & Sass Work Hard Play Hard zippered tote

This would be the perfect beach companion if I would be allowed to enjoy a beach on my terms and breathe the salty air without a mask. So far no such luck, but I believe it’s coming soon. And when that day comes, this cute tote will be put to good use holding my towel, book, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Resting Beach Face Waterproof Pouch 

Now my phone will be safe from water and sand, and I will still be able to achieve perfect selfies without taking my phone out of this sunny pouch. It also can be tied to the tote, so I will never leave it behind.

Super Strength Natural Deodorant

Smartass & Sass Super Strength Natural Deodorant

This deodorant should be everybody’s number one summer companion. It fits just about anywhere, works great, and has no harmful aluminum or other stuff. Part of proceeds goes to breast cancer research and survivor support.

Yay Wood Art 

Smartass & Sass Yay Wood Art

This item is probably the least useful to me, but it could look cute in a corner somewhere. If I won’t find much use for this cheery decoration, I can always gift it to friends who will.

Nap Time Is My Happy Hour Eye Mask

Smartass & Sass Nap Time Is My Happy Hour Eye Mask

I will take a short nap instead of a wine glass any time, so this one was made for me. I also use eye mask when traveling, so I know I will put this cute satin creation to work as soon as traveling picks up again.

Life’s a Beach Coloring Book and Pencil Set

Smartass & Sass Life’s a Beach Coloring Book and Pencil Se

I am not sure if I will be the primary user of this, but I can see my boys enjoying it while I am catching some rays. The book and the pencil set are small and very convenient for taking along on a beach trip or on a plane ride, whichever comes first.

Salty Collectible Sticker and Stainless Straw Set

Salty Collectible Sticker and Stainless Straw Set

The stickers are heavy duty and can withstand a beach, so I can see beach toys getting covered in them. The straws are great and will join our small collection of stainless steel straws that we already have. I outlawed disposable straws a long time ago, so getting more reusable ones is great. And their case says – I Don’t Give a Sip!

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The value of this box is about $90, which is a lot more than $35 box price, so what’s not to love? I can already imagine all the fun things that are to come for the rest of this COVID-19 summer and hopefully a better fall!