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Beachly for Men Winter 2021

Beachly Box for Men Winter 2021

As much as I like Beachly seasonal boxes, this one for my husband was a bit of a disappointment. I admit that in December we are all spoiled by dazzling displays of festive merchandise, gifts, and great deals everywhere we go, but this is not why we didn’t get too happy about this latest box.

Let me start by saying that I have so far liked all my boxes from Beachly. Maybe not every item was a 100% fit and totally needed, but most of the things brought some ocean breeze into my life and got all used up. A few things got gifted to good friends and still got used.

Beachly for Men Winter 2021 Promotions

Each Beachly box comes once per season and costs $99, which might seem a little steep in subscription box world, but the value is always about triple the cost, so I feel like I shop and save at the same time. In reality I don’t even shop – the merchandise is selected by experts at Beachly with sun, sand, salt, ocean, and wind in mind. If a product doesn’t directly relate to one of those elements, then at least the company will be from Hawaii or materials used will sustainably hail from local beachy communities. There is some connection with beach in every product.

Beachly Box for Men Winter 2021 Offers

Men’s Beachly costs the same and comes around the same time. I noticed that his box contains fewer items, 4 to be exact. And all 4 were clothing items. There is nothing wrong with clothes, but these just seemed to be picked randomly without much thought put in it. Maybe they are luxurious and all, but they just didn’t look like it. Both my husband and my older son agreed with me on this one.

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So not to be very dramatic, but this is the first time when I felt that Beachly was not worth my money. Let’s see what my husband got and why we feel this way:

JETTY Quality Crafted For the Coast

JETTY Quality Crafted For the Coast

It’s pretty much a drab grey T-shirt. Really, that’s all it is. It’s a tad too big, but besides that it’s something I would never pay attention to in a store. The color is not my husband’s at all, but even if it would’ve been, it’s still just a plain shirt. It’s made of cotton and has word ‘coast’ on it, but nothing more. Let’s just say it’s a disappointment that could still be used while working out or cleaning the garage. So we’ll keep it.

Grey Long Sleeve Shirt

Grey Long Sleeve Shirt

Same story as with the first one – it’s just a grey shirt. It’s comfy, but super understated. This one my son might be able to use, because that’s kind of in these days – plain, loose fitting, simple shirt or hoodie. While it’s unfortunately not a hoodie, we will make it work.

Black Beachly Joggers

Black Beachly Joggers

OK, this I could kinda see – everybody wears joggers now. However, these did not fit as stylish joggers supposed to do. Contrary to the first grey short sleeve shirt, the pants are way too small and way too short. It shouldn’t be that hard to keep sizing consistent when it’s given in the profile. Total fail and gone straight to donations pile, which is sad because I would’ve loved to see my husband in sexy black joggers walking along our Pacific coast.

Life’s a Beach Everyday Vacay baseball cap

Beachly Baseball Cap

I give Beachly points for the idea. A good baseball cap can help protect from sun and wind at the beach. There is just one problem – this creation is just small, shapeless, and simply blah. I honestly feel that my husband would make a nice scarecrow if he went out dressed in the grey T-shirt, too small joggers, and this cap. That being said all those items clearly didn’t work out.

Sorry, Beachly! We’ll give you one more chance though, but I am hoping for a much better men’s box in spring.