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Walmart vs Hobby Lobby

Wamart vs Hobby LobbyWalmart or Hobby Lobby?/20off.com

These two retailers are extremely hard to compare. One is the biggest in the world, while another is highly specialized niche chain in the US. However, when it comes to arts and crafts and seasonal decorations, the entire Hobby Lobby store can be compared to Walmart’s dedicated departments just fine. It may not be apples to apples comparison, but we would like to look at the impression in general and how both stores differ or are similar.

Let’s start with Walmart

Walmart Promotion DiscountsWalmart’s size is impressive

It seems that the retailer has everything under the sun, but based on reviews and love-hate relationship many consumers have with Walmart, there are definitely mixed feelings about the retail giant. Yes, you can walk into any Walmart and get groceries, clothes and shoes for the entire family, toys, school supplies, a TV, and even pet meds and glasses prescription – some people love that. But in order to find all those items you will have a bit of walking to do, so we will consider the trip as a fitness class too. All kidding aside, you don’t want to go to Walmart just for a tube of paint or DIY jewelry beads. It’s simply too much walking and searching just for that.

Walmart Art Supplies SaleArts and crafts supply section at Walmart/20OFF LLC

Walmart is mainly loved for low prices. We are interested mostly in arts and crafts departments, and Walmart has them alright. Granted, you won’t find the variety you will somewhere else, but painting supplies, yarns, frames, artificial flowers, beads, wooden crafts, seasonal décor, and other little knick knacks are all there. You won’t find much help as most associates are not specialized in specific departments, but if you are big on arts and crafts, you will be able to find what you need just fine.

One department where Walmart wins over anybody else is pricing strategies and the availability of discounts. You can pay for your purchase with pretty much any card under the sun and return items whenever you want.

Walmart Discounts:

  • Up to 80% OFF Select Rollbacks
  • Free Two Day Shipping on Select Orders Over $35

Walmart Home Decor SalePicture frames are looking good at Walmart

The retail giant is growing its online grocery business and is doing very well there. In addition to produce, some non-perishable items can be ordered online and delivered next day for free on orders of $35 or more, but we are not sure if it applies for craft supplies.

Walmart Patriotic Decor SaleWalmart’s low prices apply to décor and accessories

One complaint we always have about Walmart is that neither the selection nor the quality are the best, and when it comes to arts and crafts, those two things might be very important. Think jewelry making supplies or oil paint – if you are into that, you won’t just get whatever brand, and Walmart often has only that kind of brand.

Hobby Lobby

Hoby Lobby PromotionsHobby Lobby is very specialized /20off.com

This retailer is also not our first choice for arts and crafts, but it is quite a bit above Walmart. Hobby Lobby is designed with artists and craftsmen in mind. The store is big, but not overwhelming, so you can always find what you are looking for there without feeling like you walked for 5 miles, even though walking is really good for you.

Hobby Lobby 30% OFF SaleHobby Lobby has wide selection of crafting supplies

Hobby Lobby is also known as a discount retailer and highly specialized one. Just the fact that it specializes in all kinds of décor, art, and craft supplies makes consumers feel confident that they will find the needed picture frame or yearn there. There will be choices and there will be high quality when compared to Walmart. Enter Michaels into the equation and we are not sure about Hobby Lobby quality and the scope of selection anymore, but Walmart definitely has nothing of Hobby Lobby craft store.

Hobby Lobby Art SuppliesShelves are full at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby does need a bit of updating ad face lift, and is facing fierce competition from the likes of Amazon and Walmart, but it’s staying afloat so far. We do notice many empty shelves at Hobby Lobby, but as long as its loyal customers find what they need and get a good deal for it, all is well. And did we mention that all sales associates are well educated in all items they are selling, so you will always get answers to your questions.

Hobby Lobby Home Decor OffersRustic décor items at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby offers various sales and coupon codes for its customers; so again, we don’t feel that it is any more expensive than Walmart. We always love the choices we find at the store and love shopping for extensive sections of Halloween, July 4th, Easter, and Christmas decorations way before each major holiday.

Hobby Lobby 40% OFF Christmas CouponHobby Lobby offers discounts

Hobby Lobby Promotional Codes:

  • 40% OFF One Item at Regular Price with code 49642
  • 80% Off Hobby Lobby Clearance Items

Hobby Lobby Party Supplies SaleParty supplies from Hobby Lobby

All in all, we understand the appeal of Walmart and the opportunity to shop for everything in one place under one roof, but when it comes to specialized needs, like arts and crafts, we will go to Hobby Lobby anytime. And then we’ll go to Michaels after that. 

Hobby Lobby Patriotic Decor SaleJuly 4th decorations from Hobby Lobby