Hobby Lobby 40% OFF Promotional Codes | October 2022

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Hidden Hobby Lobby Money Savings Tricks

Hobby Lobby Storefront

Hobby Lobby is not known for its abundant coupons, but even without them you can still find plenty of ways to save. Customers have saved 60-90% off with these and similar ways:

Good planning

The best way to save the most money is knowing when Hobby Lobby has sales and when it doesn't. Sure, a good coupon can give you 40% off, but a nice sale can offer 50%.

Hobby Lobby Floral Steams on Sale

Use a lot of coupons

If you have no sales coming up, then do your best to find that one and only coupon. It is good for 40% off one item once a day. You can always find it in the Hobby Lobby weekly ad. You can use the coupon online too. It expires every week.

Hobby Lobby Crafts

Who can use the 40% off coupon?

Hobby Lobby Coupon Code

The coupon says one person per day, not per family, so multiple people in your household can use it.

Hobby Lobby 40% OFF Sale

Is it cheaper to shop online?

Unlike many other retailers, Hobby Lobby has the same prices online and in the store, so it's just the matter of your preference and convenience. Online selection is a bit smaller than in the store, so yeah, in store is good.

Hobby Lobby Sale Decor

Does Hobby Lobby offer free shipping?

You can find free shipping offers quite often, like 4-5 times every month, so never shop without it.

When is the best time to buy home décor accents?

Hobby Lobby holds Home Accents sale twice a year, right after Christmas and at the beginning of summer. The deals start at 50-60% off and go down.

Hobby Lobby Summer Decor Accents

40% coupon usage

While you can't stack sale prices and coupon, you can substitute the lower sales price with 40% coupon. This way you will always get 40% off, no matter what sale will it be.

Hobby Lobby 30% OFF Sale

Does Hobby Lobby accept discounted gift cards?

Yes, the store accepts discounted cards and if you buy them from Gift Card Granny and similar sites, you can save 10-12%.

When is the best time to buy Christmas Décor?

Hobby Lobby starts selling Christmas décor in June and wants to be done with that by December. You will get 40% off everything in June, 50% in August, 66% before Christmas, 80% right after Christmas, and finally 90% off. There is no reordering for Christmas stock, so get it when you see it.

Hobby Lobby Christmas Decor

Post-holidays discounts

Everything eventually hits 90% off, so it makes sense to shop after Halloween, Christmas, and Easter for the next one.

Halloween Decor at Hobby Lobby

How good is the clearance wall?

Items on the clearance wall can be as low as 90% off, so don't hesitate to dig through it.

Where will you find more clearance deals?

Clearance hot spots can be hidden among regularly-priced merchandise, so don't be surprised to find great stuff everywhere.

Hobby Lobby Spring Shop Sale

Can you use competitor coupons at Hobby Lobby?

Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics will honor 40% Hobby Lobby coupon, but not another way around.

Does Hobby Lobby do price matching?

Yes, if you will bring the ad and apply to the exact item, you will be able to get competitor's price. There are some exclusions.

Are there any entities or organizations that get discounts?

Schools, churches, and national charitable organizations can get 10% off as long as the purchase is paid with an organization's check and signed at the time of purchase.

Hobby Lobby Cake Decoration

Visa Rewards Credit Card from Hobby Lobby

The card is from U.S. Bank and will give you 5 points for every $1 spent at the store and 1 point for money spent somewhere else. After 2,500 you'll get $25 gift card, this way earning 5% cash back.

Damaged items

You can get 10-15% for damage that's visible with a naked eye.

Hobby Lobby Art Supplies

Buy a lot in-store only

If you need something in bulk, never order it online from home, but go to the store and order from there to save on shipping.

What is the best thing to buy at Hobby Lobby?

Fabric prints are trendy and the prices are low at Hobby Lobby, but better still is their 40% daily coupon, which can be used again and again for really great savings on fabric.

Hobby Lobby Cotton Fabric

What are the worst things to buy?

Party supplies never get discounted, so forgo them altogether unless you have that 40% off coupon.

Patriotic Decor on Sale at Hobby Lobby

When is the best time to shop?

Some stores on Saturday night will still have the coupons from the ending week and will also have new ones working, but not always and depending on location.

Hobby Lobby Super Savings

Post purchase price adjustment

If you bought something and see it cheaper up to 14 days after the sale, you can bring your receipt and the item back and get difference credited to you.

Out-of-stock sales items

If you see something you need on sale, but it's out of stock, get a rain check from the cashier and get it for the same low price when it's back in the store.

Hobby Lobby Craft Bells

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings

Some people believe that these mornings are the best times to shop if you want to have the entire store to yourself.

Do employees get discounts?

Employees get 15% off everything, even the 90% off clearance items, so if you are looking for a job…

Hobby Lobby Home Decor Clearance

Fine print

When you see a low sales price, always read the fine print because many items might be excluded.