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Toucan Box for Kids is My Best Latest Find

Toy Toucan Box

I love crafts and always try to instill that love in my kids. I feel that crafting is 100 times better than spending time on TV, iPad, or other devices. It's not quite like running outside, but it's the next best thing.

Toucans Album

I am a busy mom and while I love helping my kids with their projects, I don't have much time to devote to craft ideas and supply buying. This is why I was recently looking for various options that can be delivered to my door. With today's busy society and catering to it numerous subscription services, there was no shortage of options. In fact, there are all kinds of boxes you can order – book deliveries, STEM games, building projects, science experiments, crafts, arts, and so much more.

50% OFF Toucan Box

I found lots of positive reviews about ToucanBox. I managed to discover a coupon for the first box free for new customers, and that discovery really cemented the deal for me. I only had to pay $2 for shipping! I also got a nice coupon for them from a friend of mine, who sent me a referral and both of us are going to get 50% off our next boxes. Armed with such nice discounts I simply had to give ToucanBox a try.

Toucan Speedway

The boxes come from United Kingdom and are for kids ages 3 to 8. My younger son is 5, so it's perfect for him. He loves crafts just like me, so we really see eye to eye with him there. My older son is 16 and is mad about his little brother – they spend time together whenever they have a minute. Given all this, I knew that crafts from ToucanBox will definitely be not only a fun activity, but also a team effort, which is great.

Toucan Box for Curious Kids

I read a little about the company and really love what I discovered. ToucaBox is all about early child development and focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Their crafts require lots of discoveries to take place and lots of hands-on involvement. Crafts help build bonds between all people participating in the creation process. And finally, the company is environmentally responsible with little waste and affordable prices.

Toucan Box Rocket

Long story short, I ordered our first box and was very happy to see it arrive a couple of days ago. To my surprise, the box was addressed to my son and had his name on it. Talk about personalized touch!

Toucan Box Crafting

Our box contained a rocket project, a mask, and a dinosaur tail. We started right away with the mask.

Toucan Box Bags

I loved the high quality of materials and how every little detail was well thought through and included. We literally didn't need to provide anything extra.

Toucan Box for Painting

Michael examined excitedly all the things for his projects – step-by-step directions with stories in a beautiful magazine, stickers, glue stick, colored pens, good eraser, and glitter glue.

Toucan Box Mask

My older son was right there to support his little brother and lend a hand if needed. I have to admit that even in places where directions called for adult help, my little boy was doing pretty well himself. He started coloring the mask with horns and did a great job for a while, but got tired of it rather fast. He is 5 after all!

We helped him cut and make the fuzzy dino tail that can be a part of a costume and also serve as basket for candy or storage. For now it's hanging on his toy wall.

Rocket Pulley Toucan Box

Pulley rocket was a large project, required some gluing and some cutting, so we all pitched in. Michael had all kinds of fun afterwards running around and pulling it with him.

The mask is still waiting for his return in a day or two, but I am sure that he will. He is a diligent little fella and doesn't leave projects unfinished for long.


I am one happy mother after receiving this box and seeing my boys involved in it together. I love the quality of materials and beautiful drawings on the box itself, in the magazine, and on the crafting materials. Michael will use his pens, glue, and eraser for a while longer, so the value of this box is incredible and goes beyond just included crafts.

Toucan Box Cooking Book

Its full price is just about $12 and it's worth every penny! Just having it sent to the house without me running around Michael's and Hobby Lobby is worth the money, and here you get high quality stuff that is fun, educational, and will last for a long time. I am all in and will be ordering another box right away!