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I Tried YogaClub Box and Then This Happened

YogaClub Subscription Box

Today I received my first YogaClub subscription box. I decided to give this company a try not only because I am obsessed with testing various boxes, but because I work out every day and I am in constant need of cute leggings and tops. And show me a girl who is not wearing yoga pants everywhere these days? It’s not like I can make a grocery store run in a dress or something – it has to be yoga pants!

YogaClub Promotion

So while yoga pants are life, going to shop for them covered in masks and gloves is not that much fun. This is why I appreciate the ability to answer a few short questions about my style online and get a fancy looking crisp box right to my door every month.

This subscription box is not the cheapest I have ever seen, but neither are good leggings, so at the end of the day it makes sense. YogaClub offers three different types of subscription for ladies with different needs:

  • The Mantra – one pair of leggings that is valued at $70-$100, but costs just $45
  • The Karma – 2 items, a top and a bottom of high quality for $69, but valued at $100-$140
  • The Guru – 3 items for $79 and valued at $140-$160.

The value is hard to track, but most reviews of the company are very positive. My personal experience shows that a good pair of leggings costs about $100 and that’s after a discount of some sort. This is why I really wanted to try YogaClub and hopefully start getting nice stuff every month to impress all the ladies at my boot camp. When it opens in California post corona that is…

YogaClub Promotion Offer

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There is one more thing worth mentioning before I dive into the box contents. YogaClub doesn’t have conventional refund policy. Instead they offer Love Guarantee, where if you don’t like something, they will work with you to find something you will like. The only time you can expect money back is if the garment arrived damaged. It was so far so good for me, so I didn’t have to contact them about anything. If you are not happy, make sure you send them an email within 30 days after receiving your box.

I wanted to try the biggest box and went straight for The Guru. This is what I got:

Ten Carefree Breathe daily liners

YogaClub Deal

The liners protect from irritation while wearing them all day. They are infused with air and offer extra comfort. After trying one today I am quite happy, but they don’t seem to be very different from Always brand. You can also enter a draw to win $100 – there are directions how to do it on the back of the liner package.

Whisper Susan Tank in Ivory – $50

YogaClub Whisper Susan Tank in Ivory

I love this tank and will be sporting it the next time I hit the home gym. It’s white and very light. I imagine it won’t weigh me down and won’t become soaking wet as some tight shirts tend to do. The tank has open back with strings and displays my white sports bra just beautifully. White color will go with every type of leggings, so I can come up with many outfit combinations. I am very happy with the quality of this shirt and hope for more like this in the future.

Chaser cotton shirt – $60

YogaClub Chaser Cotton Shirt

I like this shirt slightly less than the white one, but the quality is equally good. It’s just a little too lose and wide for me, but again, it won’t be tight and non-breathable, so it’s all good. The color is called Foxy, but I would call it something between purple and burgundy. It will go perfect with my new leggings.

Sol & Mane Cora Lunar Legging – $88

YogaClub Sol & Mane Cora Lunar Legging

This is my favorite item in the box. It would be hard to find leggings like these for the price of the entire box. In addition to that, there are also two tops and everything together is just $79, so the advertised value is definitely here, I can see it and I like it. The leggings are ombre, start with purple color on top, become red in the middle, and end kind of pink at the feet. As I said above, they will go great with the Chaser shirt. I am kind of used to compliments on my leggings at the gym and these will be no different.

After this positive first impression, I am really looking forward to the next month’s box!