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How to Try Nutrisystem If You Don't Want to Spend a Fortune

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Everybody has probably heard about Nutrisystem at least once and the chances are you may even have tried it before. I will tell you about my acquaintance with this popular meal plan and how I started it without significant investment.

Nutrisystem is a well-known diet subscription plan that offers ready-made meals to be delivered right to your home. The idea of the meal plan is simple. If you restrict the number of calories consumed daily, you are going to lose weight. Your meal plan is individually designed taking into account your height and weight. You are supposed to eat more often and have snacks between the meals to avoid feeling hungry. All the food and snacks are provided by Nutrisystem and all you have to do is follow their guidelines and look for results.

If that’s what you are interested in let’s go to nitty-gritty, then. Starting your meal plan is not cheap, but on the other hand, you are not supposed to buy extra food for you. You can add fresh vegetables of your choice to your meal plan, but you are prohibited to eat some fatty foods like ice-cream or cakes. So you can just compare how much money you spend on food a week with the cost of Nutrisystem weekly meal plan and then make a decision. In fact, the cheapest Nutrisystem meal plan starts with $300. But if you have never tried Nutrisystem before you might have concerns about it. What if you order the meal plan and don’t like it at all? Will you be able to cancel it?

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Well, I asked myself these questions and decided to make some research first. I checked their cancellation policies and found out that if you decided to cancel your plan after 14 days of your order without paying for the second 4-week meal plan you will have to pay $125.

Try Nutrisystem Popcorn

It was a setback for me. There must be a way to try their products first without much financial investment. And I found the solution. In order to avoid cancellation hassle and not to waste money I decided to order small packs of Nutrisystem snacks. Such packs cost as low as $20, and a weekly plan will reach $60. For example, a 4-pack Nutrisystem Snack-Cheese Puffs costs just $22.29. Such snack packs are available at Walmart, eBay and Amazon. I ordered on Amazon. I got Nutrisystem Dessert Lover’s Variety Pack (20 count) for $65.99 and Movie Night Pack (count 15) for $29.99.

Nutrisystem Snack Mix

The delivery was fast and prompt. I liked Movie Night Pack the most and am going to order it on a regular basis now. Actually, Nutrisystem passed our quality test well. All the family liked their popcorn and small snacks, so we decided to get their subscription. Now I’m also going to start their minimum diet plan and hope to achieve substantial results.

So, if you are leery of the idea to spend a lot of money on products you haven’t even tried you can follow my example and order some of Nutrisystem products right away to check whether it’s worth splurging on a subscription plan.