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Halloween Countdown Calendar from Chewy

Halloween Countdown Calendar

Christmas Advent calendars are so yesterday. What we should be all about today is Halloween countdown calendars for pets. Yes, our fur kids deserve all the cute toys too, and not any less often than every day, from now and all the way to October 31st.

Chewy Halloween Countdown Calendar

This calendar idea is not mine, of course. I have Chewy.com to thank for this entertainment and for many others, not that our dog is not too spoiled already. We are firm believers that dogs need to be rewarded for the unconditional love they give us and patience they demonstrate on a daily basis. Chewy is always my go-to place for supplies for dog spoiling, for which I don’t even have to drive anywhere. I have never had to wait more than 2 days for any order from Chewy, so gratification is almost instant.

Halloween Countdown Calendar for Oska

This time of the year it is all about Halloween. I have been thinking about costumes for all four of us and about all those cute spooky toys I need to get for Oska. Yes, in my opinion the toys are so cute that I have to buy a ton. Despite that I have ordered a Goody box from Chewy already, I couldn’t stop myself from getting a Halloween countdown box too.

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Cute Bat Ice Cream Cone

The countdown is for 12 days only, but it’s plenty enough. Imagine having to deal with a different toy killed every day and the white stuffing all over the house for even longer. My goal is to extend those 12 days to 24 by giving her a new toy every two days. With breaks in play time, some toys might have a pretty good chance to last more than one day, especially the ones that have some parts made of rope.

Plush Trick or Treat Candy Toy

What makes this calendar amazing is that there is something to look forward to for a foreseeable future. I have to admit that kids and I might have even more fun than our dog, but there is nothing wrong with that too. After all, part of the reason why we got a dog is to keep everybody occupied and involved with taking care of an animal. Play is a good part of that.

Witch’s Hat

So here is what the countdown calendar looks like: it’s a box with holes for toys for 12 days. Each hole contains a toy. I wasn’t sure about treats at first, but there are no treats. Toys are rather small, but all cute and all Halloween related.

Plush Triple Eye Monster Eye Creation

We found a plush triple eye monster eye creation, two rope toys, a cute bat ice cream cone, a silicone bone, a plush green candy corn, a chewable green finger, a plush trick or treat candy toy, a witch’s hat, and an eye ball with blood vessels. There were a couple of others, but they went missing a few days ago and we would like to focus on the ones that are not killed yet.

Plush Green Candy Corn

This box is a no brainer and can be arranged by anybody, but why do that when Chewy has it prepared already? I am pretty sure that getting all those toys separately would cost more than receiving them in one bulk box. In my opinion, convenience factor is what’s totally priceless.

Rope Toys

We will sure enjoy every one of those toys while killing time before the glorious evening of Halloween. Thanks, Chewy, as always!

Halloween Toys from Chewy