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Seasonal FabFitFun Summer 2020

Seasonal FabFitFun Summer 2020

FabFitFun Summer box finds me as life seems to be standing still and not changing much from what it was in spring. I was certain we will be recovering from coronavirus by now. Unfortunately that didn’t come to be as the country is seeing cases rising and everything closing down again. This situation continues to make me overjoyed by everything and anything delivered, especially when it’s my all-time favorite FabFitFun!

Seasonal FabFitFun Summer 2020 Deals

This is why today was a glorious day of me opening my fourth FabFitFun box. It’s been a year with it, ordering seasonal deliveries the entire time. And I can say that I am still as impressed with the boxes as I was the very first time I got it. $200+ value justifies $49.95 price every time and every time I get to enjoy products that would never get on my radar otherwise, even if we were not staying away from shopping.

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FabFitFun Summer box finds

As always, I start with the magazine. This time it features Gabby Douglas and many inspirational stories, because we need them now more than ever. Special Olympics, the way FabFitFun gives back and reduces its carbon footprint, home décor tips, staying fit, and ideas about using the new products are the main themes in summer 2020 magazine, and then exclusive offers, horoscopes, and crossword, of course.

FabFitFun Green Chef Coupon

This is what I got this time:

Michael Kors Bedford Travel Passport Wallet – $78

It’s a good looking wallet, but the irony of it! What travel? I am waiting for my passport renewal for 5 months now and even with that all borders with Europe would be closed. This will just have to wait for better times and then I promise to take it on my next trip.

Zoe Ayla Ice Roller – $30

FabFitFun Ice Roller

Rollers of all kinds are all the rage now, so this ice cold refresher is spot on. It works great every morning and helps reduce eye puffiness right away. Tired skin also doesn’t stand a chance against this device. It’s simple and very easy to use.

Pottery Barn Mason Ceramic Diffuser in Solstice – $59

This must be my favorite item in this box. It’s Pottery Barn, so you know it’s stylish and long lasting! I plan to reuse it with different oils in the future. The oil that it came with it is a great combination of bergamot, geranium, and vetiver.

Issac Mizrahi Loves xo, Sienna Vase – $28

This little vase will find place in every house, no question about that. It looks good on its own and it also decorates whatever flowers you decide to put in it. I love its white and pink combination that is a result of hand dipping.

Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil – $16

It’s not like I have places to go to that require makeup, but when such time comes, my eyebrows will definitely be ready. This set includes a brush and a pencil for perfect application and blending. It’s jet black and lasts all day without smudging.

Toms Sydney Sunglasses – $58

FabFitFun Summer Box Toms Sydney Sunglasses

This classic shape compliments any face, even mine. I always felt like the only glasses that work for me are aviators, but these are helping me change my mind. They block sun rays perfectly too and are now always in my car.

Spongelle Coconut Verbena Hand Cream – $18

FabFitFun Spongelle Hand Cream

Summer is a great time to help your hands that dry up from sun and water. This summer water is not guaranteed, but sun is hitting mercilessly as soon as you step out your door to get some fresh air. I love the hydrating power of hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and macadamia seed oils.

FabFitFun Summer Box beauty Deals

The total value of my box is $287 and it’s one of the highest ever. To say I appreciate it is an understatement. I love getting these boxes and feel like it’s Christmas every time I get them. I am already looking forward to a fall box and hoping to open it in a better world!