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Dieting During Holidays

Dieting during Holidays 2019Nutrisystem can really help during holidays/20off.com

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you know what that means? It means that when you lie on your back, you have flat stomach and love yourself, but as soon as you roll to the side, all that turkey, stuffing, and pies also fall to the side, thanks to all those family nights out and home feasts that symbolize the end of November every year.

Christmas With NutrisystemRed velvet cupcake from Nutrisystem is a perfect dessert

All food lovers can’t wait for this time of the year and also dread it. Is there something we can do to enjoy the holidays and still remain on our diets or fitness resolutions?

Holiday Fitness with NutrisystemRely on Nutrisystem and don’t spoil your weight loss goals

There is no one perfect answer; the way we approach holidays is very personal. Some of us choose to binge eat like crazy on Thanksgiving and then hit the gym and return to our diet right after.

NutriSystem Lunch MenuLunch is made easy by Nutrisystem

Others enjoy more food between Thanksgiving and New Year, but don’t go on food benders. And then there are those who remain unaffected by all holiday food comas.

Dieting During Holidays with NutrisystemNutrisystem has you covered during holiday temptations

I am the first type, definitely. I can go crazy on Thanksgiving and the day after, but there is really no reason to overeat every day through the New Year.

Nutrisystem Snacks holiday DealsDecadent Nutrisystem snacks are luxurious desserts

This year I want to be more focused on my well-being and my weight goals. I think it would help to lose a few pounds before the holidays, which will make look better in that tight dress and also won’t be so noticeable when I will gain a few turkey pounds.

Nutrisystem Christmas 2019Sweet cinnamon bun for breakfast from Nutrisystem

Another thing to consider – eat once and then twice, not three, four, and more times during long family dinner times.

Nutrisystem Holiday DietGrab some Nutrisystem snacks with you to Christmas party and stay on track

I consider myself a healthy person who likes to exercise and watches what I eat, but I still can use some help to stay on track even more. One of my best friends started Nutrisystem diet and got me very interested. I tried one pasta meal at her house and it wasn’t bad at all. She said she gets a box of meals for a month, eats only the food provided and keeps losing serious weight. That sounds like a very convenient option that works!

Nutrisystem Holiday DinnerSoups from Nutrisystem can solve meal decisions fast

I still had my doubts though. Yes, food sounds delicious – burgers, pizzas, pastas, and chocolate covered snacks, but how exactly can all that help me lose weight? Is this plan good for long-term? Will Nutrisystem work for me? How much does it cost? Do they offer coupons? See, I had more questions than answers.

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Nutrisystem Dinners on Your Own PlanNutrisystem pasta is perfect before you head out the door

All Nutrisystem meals are prepared by chefs and are low on calories and fat, but full of fiber, protein, and good carbs to fight hunger and lose weight. I checked that Nutrisystem pizza has just over 200 calories, when my favorite slice contains at least 600. This was it for me, I wanted to try it!

Nutrisystem Christmas BreakfastEnjoy and stay full before the party starts

Now the other questions became very important, for example what Nutrisystem plan should I choose? After reading customer reviews I decided to go with Nutrisystem Uniquely You plan. It’s not the cheapest offer, but it is the most customizable and allows me to choose from 150+ food options that include frozen entrees too. Basic and Core plans are less flexible and provide only ready-to-eat foods, which I would have trouble with.

Nutrisystem holiday CookiesNutrisystem cookies and pretzels are great for taking along

Every Nutrisystem plan starts with Fresh Start, a week of food for rapid weight loss and jumpstart of long-term dieting. All plans provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks for every day. I used some Nutrisystem promo codes  and also got free Turbo shakes and 10 packs of free snacks + free shipping.

Nutrisystem Snacks for Holiday DietPopcorn snacks from Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem suggests buying your own fresh produce to supplement meals with vegetables and fruit, which I love, so this gives me more hope that I will be able to stick with it.

Eat Healthy with NutrisystemThe good looks of Nutrisystem chicken sandwich

After ordering I received my Nutrisystem delivery in a couple of days and have been trying the foods for about a week now. I love the fact that no meal planning is needed anymore, everything is handy, planned, and fast to prepare. I am a bit disappointed with the taste of some meals, but it’s just me and my dislike of microwavable foods. It’ll take some time to get used to this.

Nutrisystem Breakfast DiscountMorning cereal from Nutrisystem is festive

I love frequent eating of small portions and never feeling too hungry. I can feel the results already – I lost 3 pounds in the first week and my body is burning fat instead of craving carbs as its main fuel.

Nutrisystem Christmas Cookies with BerriesStart your day with Nutrisystem and your diet will be fine

So far so good and I can see myself sticking to this diet for a good while. I love losing a bit of weight right before the holidays and I am ready to meet all the feasts head on this time because I know I’ll be able to bounce back fast. Thanks, Nutrisystem!