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Chewy's Marvelous Marvel, Disney, and Sesame Street Pet Costumes

Chewy Halloween Costumes and Accessories

If you are anything like me, you might have had Halloween costumes on your mind since last Halloween. This means that you probably had enough time to prepare and refine your ideas. Or not. Whatever the case is, Chewy has you covered, at least when it comes to your spooky furry best friends.

Chewy Pet Accessories

This is the prime time to make your way to chewy.com and check out their Halloween pet collection for the cutest costumes around. And don’t wait another minute, because there are aplenty if people who would like to see their grumpy cat dressed as a Baby Yoda. These costumes are flying off the shelves and we can totally see why.

Chewy Star Wars Halloween Costumes

This year Chewy went all out and decided to dress not just cats and dogs, but rabbits, hamsters, and Guinea pigs too. Can you imagine a cute hamster bee or a shy rabbit monster bride? Instagram will be exploding with all that cuteness in the coming months!

Chewy Halloween Accessories

Chewy is offering a lot more than just costumes. You can find all kinds of pun intended spooky accessories, such as leashes, bandanas, harnesses, and of course treats of all shapes and sizes. Witch broom chews and mummy decorated cookies are absolute delight and our Marlo will definitely get to try them. I like baking my own organic treats, but when store bought ones look that good, I’m all for them.

Chewy Pet Costumes

I don’t know about you, but I like Halloween costumes cute rather than scary and bloody, especially on cute dogs. Nobody ever wants to see a murderous German shepherd, right? I didn’t think so. But imagine a little mermaid poodle or a brave Spiderman cat climbing up the curtains and your day is bound to be better.

Chewy Dog Halloween Costume

Chewy is presenting Disney, Marvel, and Sesame Street attire, which are very family oriented and wholesome brands, so your little munchkin will not get freaked out by a family pet’s Halloween costume. On the contrary – it’ll be the darling star of your home or neighborhood on a trick-or-treat night.

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Chewy Halloween Costumes

As I mentioned above, if you have some cute characters in mind, don’t wait, because sizes are getting sold out as we speak. Here are a few examples of those costumes:

Rubie’s Costume Company Walking Thor Dog & Cat Costume – $31.99

Rubie’s is the company behind all those costumes and it’s great, because they make sturdy costumes that are not only cute, but can resist some chewing on and pulling. This particular Thor is holding a hammer, which might be damaged before the night is over. But just imagine the glorious view of a Thor doggo walking down the street and gnawing on his own hammer!

Rubie’s Walking Captain America Dog & Cat Costume – $22.49

This one would look especially good on a grumpy cat. I can see a fluffy pussy cat rounding a corner in this uniform and going right for sofa jump. I’m sure YouTube will have a few videos like this.

Rubie’s Costume Company Minion Bob Dog Costume – $16.99

This is just one of many Disney costumes and all of them are adorable. The Minion would look super cute on a lighter color dog, but literally just about any fur ball can carry those hands just hanging limp while strutting their stuff.

 Rubie’s Costume Company Princess Leia Dog & Cat Costume – $17.99

This costume is a part of Star Wars series, where all the cute little Yodas, Storm Troopers, D2s, Vaders, and Banthas are coming from. Any one of those attires is sure to be an eye catcher and conversation starter. This is why no single dog owner should take their dog to the park costumeless, starting now.

Pet Krewe Sesame Street Elmo Dog & Cat Costume – $24.95

Last, but not least, Pet Krewe brings 7 Sesame Street character costumes for all dogs and cats. They are cuddly, cute, and colorful. You’re sure not going to lose your pet in the sea of other pets – they will be bright and sport a set of googly eyes.

I am in love with those costumes, every one of them, and you will be too. If you’ll find any left that is. The costumes are perfect for those pet owners who are serious about Halloween and those serious ones shop early, so don’t wait!