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Best Pet Halloween Costumes and Ideas

Petco Pet Costumes For Sale

Halloween is that one day a year when not only you, but your four legged kids can be dressed in character and it’s completely normal. There is really no excuse not to throw a costume on your cat or dog and take spooktacular pictures for Instagram.

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Here are some ideas of what you can turn your pet into from Petco, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Chewy:

  • Wonder Woman dog (Petco) – make her get superpowers and become super cute
  • DC’s Batman Illusion dog suit (Petco) – put it on and see how your pooch looks flexing those triceps and biceps
  • Superman Illusion dog suite (Petco) – see how long he will keep those glasses on, but hopefully long enough for pictures

Petco Superman Illusion Dog Suite

  • Batman dog bandana (Petco) – another great minimalistic approach to pet costumes
  • Batman dog t-shirt (Petco) – perfect for dogs who won’t sit still for elaborate costumes
  • Superman dog bandana (Petco) – now it’s just a matter of preference
  • Spiderman hoodie (Petco) – this colorful hoodie can be used on cold winter days too

Petco Marvel Halloween Superhero Costumes

  • Jack-o’ Lantern dog hoodie (Petco) – this might even take the place of carving and serve as a pumpkin
  • Cookie monster (Petco) – they can’t have chocolate, so holding it in their paws is the next best thing
  • Toast of the town (Petco) – this is cute and all, but that hot sauce headband might not stay on for very long
  • King Purrington (Petco) – if your cat is the king of the house, this costume is a must

Petco Halloween Costumes

  • Jurassic World T. Rex (Walmart) – tiny arms on this costume combined with a confused face of your pet will make Halloween unforgettable
  • Yoda (Walmart) – oh the laughs and the pictures!
  • Blue monster (Walmart) – the hood is fine, but we can see those leg warmers getting ripped in pieces right after that photo shoot


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  •  Lion mane (Petco) – every ferocious feline should sport one of those from time to time
  • “Whitch, Please!” dog hat (Petco) – hat + green wig for every sassy dog in the house
  • Teddy Bear dog costume (Petco) – if your pooch is not squeezable enough, you should put this on him and see what happens
  • Dog and cat sombrero (Petco) – these cute hats can be worn anytime you want a cute picture of that face hating you
  • Cat devil costume (Petco) – every cat has some of that in her, so this is perfection
  • Taco dog and cat costumes (Petco) – this versatile one-piece looks yummy,  but we would like to watch you putting it on a cat
  • Cat & Dog vampire cape (Petco) – easy and stylish for every dark-minded cutie

Petco Halloween Dog Toys


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  • Dog and cat business suite (Chewy) – combine that with red mane and you’ll have not only any ordinary boss, but Trump himself
  • Skeleton hoodie (Target) – death never looked so good and cozy before
  • Ewok dog costume (Target) – seeing a small cute canine in this would be just priceless
  • Jedi robe (Target) – a serious case of cuteness and adoration from all fans, simply a must have


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  • Belle of the Ball dog costume (Petco) – every princess should wear something like that and not only on Halloween

Petco Halloween Promotion

  • Zoo Snoods Giraffe dog costume (Amazon) – sheer perfection in any size + sad face = perfect pictures
  • Chewbarka (Amazon) – this should be combined with a naturally brown hair look for unforgettable trick-or-treating pictures
  • Pandaloon Bunny Rabbit dog costume (Amazon) – the ears, the carrot, the face are all to die for
  • Nacoco Cowboy Rider dog costume (Amazon) – it’s not clear how long this rider will ride, but he will sure make a nice chew toy afterwards
  • Wizard of Oz Dorothy dog costume (Amazon) – all cute dog ladies can be even cuter now with the dress and basket combo
  • Ghostbusters jumpsuit dog costume (Amazon) – who you gonna call? Any dog in this ensemble will scare every ghost away in seconds
  • Pope dog costume (Amazon) – your pooch can become His Holiness for a day and we don’t see why not
  • Hot dog pet costume (Amazon) – chances are you might be calling him this way already, so it’s only fitting
  • Hula Dancer dog costume (Amazon) – even if you don’t live in Hawaii, this costume might just take you there for a day or two. And look at those coconuts!
  • Iced Coffee pet costume (Amazon) – dress him up like that and you might even get free coffees all day long
  • Mr. Claws lobster pet costume (Amazon) – we think cat lobster would make even more sense
  • Lumberjack dog costume (Amazon) – park him next to a pile of sticks and you’ll have perfection
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Kruger dog costume (Amazon) – this is downright scarily cute
  • Panda puppy dog costume (Amazon) – cuteness overload, especially if you happen to have a black and white pooch
  • Pinata dog costume (Amazon) – watch those neighborhood kids and explain that this piñata doesn’t have any candy inside
  • Pirates of the Caribbean dog costume (Amazon) – Arrrgh! Now try to remain serious!
  • Poop making factory (Amazon) – shall we say this is the best fitting, spot on costume?
  • Spider Pup dog costume (Amazon) – scary, cute, and everything in between
  • Sushi dog costume (Amazon) – we definitely suggest this for short-legged breeds
  • Marvel Avengers Captain America dog hoodie (Petco) – if this hero won’t save America, then we don’t know who will

Petco 30% OFF Marvel Collection

  • Bootique Later Gator dog costume (Petco) – kids might be green with envy after seeing this walking perfection
  • Lucky cat costume (Petco) – we think Instagram is the lucky one this Halloween
  • Monstrously Cute cat headpiece (Petco) – cute is one thing, but expect anger too
  • Franken-Kitty cat headpiece (Petco) – just like with every cat decoration, be cautious and snap those pictures fast, before she disappears
  • Bee Royalty pet costume (Petco) – the only thing this queen bee can sting you with is her love
  • Unicorn Light-up dog hoodie (Petco) – yes, unicorns are real and this is your proof

Petco Marvel Pet Fans Collection