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Cheapest Grocery and Restaurant Food Delivery Services

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If you simply don’t feel like shopping at your food store or if you don’t feel safe there these days because of Corona virus spread, there are plenty of apps and food delivery service companies that can get you not only perishables, but meals from your favorite eateries. You can order any cuisine in minutes from your phone, but the price might be an obstacle. This is why you need to learn about the best and the most affordable food delivery companies. Some of them have complimentary delivery; others have low prices, and the third type offers promo codes galore.

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All those services will deliver food from restaurants or stores within certain range. You can choose from local joints, chain restaurants, and even fast food. You will need your address to verify that your desired restaurant is not too far. Some of those service apps will let you track your order and track the delivery person. That is really amazing when you are starving and know when to start putting plates on the table.

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In this list you will also find a few grocery delivery service companies. They can get you fresh produce that you can turn into great meals fast and cheaper.

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There is a delivery fee or service charge on most of those services; it’s a price you have to pay for convenience. Take a look at those delivery services and give them a try during this time of need and social distancing:


You can get free shipping with free 14-day Instacart Express trial. Don’t forget to cancel it in time if you don’t like it. This company employs personal shoppers, who will shop for you at your favorite local grocery stores, pet stores, pharmacies, and other shops. You can connect with your shopper and go through the shopping process together, talk about possible substitutions, and delivery time.

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All trial orders have to be at least $10. Delivery fee later depends on the size of your order and if you have the Instacart Express membership, which costs $98 per year. Peak times might cost more.

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Walmart Grocery

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Walmart Grocery is a separate app and offers food items delivery to your house anytime from a few hours to 7 days when scheduled. You can enjoy this service for $8-$10 per order as long as you have at least $35+ purchase. Delivery Unlimited costs $98 per year and offers unlimited deliveries with $35 minimum purchases.

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  • $10 OFF First $50 Grocery Delivery with code VISITORS
  • Up to 80% OFF Select Rollbacks

Walmart Rollback PromoWalmart rollback prices apply for grocery delivery service too

This service is very convenient, fast, and comes with Walmart low prices. It might be backed up now, but try it out and allow a few days.

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Amazon Fresh

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You can use code FRESH15 and get $15 off your first purchase of $35+. You can get this service if you are Amazon Prime member ($119 per year).

Amazon Fresh DeliveryYou can get Whole Foods goodies delivered by Amazon

This service delivers fresh products and pantry staples from Amazon. You can also get 365 brand products from Whole Foods in addition to various other items from Amazon, like electronics, toys, pet needs, and household items.

Amazon Delivers From Whole FoodsWhole Foods to your home via Amazon Prime

Uber Eats

This restaurant meal delivery service comes free in some areas with $15+ purchase. You should download their app, enter your address and see what restaurants near you are offering delivery with Uber Eats. You can use Uber Eats in over 500 cities and order from over 320,000 eateries. You can track your order on the app and also get notifications via text messages and emails.

Uber Promotion

While service fees and delivery charges vary, expect to pay about 15% of your order in fees. It helps to look for free delivery deals and offers every time you crave that Thai cuisine on Friday night.


All new customers get $12 off their first order that is at least $15, so don’t miss this discount when you sign up for a new account. Grubhub claims to have restaurant partners in over 3,000 cities in the US and in London. While delivery fee varies from your selected restaurant, you will have to pay a small fee if you order less than standard minimum.

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  • $5 OFF an order of $10+ with code AFF5
  • $7 OFF an order of $12+ with code AFF7

Grubhub also offers tracking service, so you will be notified about your driver’s steps and pick up time.


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DoorDash is another viable option to be your best restaurant food delivery service with partners in 4,000 locations and 340,000 eateries. The company works in Canada too. Service fee for order and delivery charge depends on restaurant and your address. A small fee will be added if you don’t meet order minimum. Sometimes the demand is very high and that calls for more fees – Corona outbreak might be such time in many locations across the country.

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  • $5 OFF Your First Purchase of $10 when use coupon code STORETODOOR
  • 10% OFF Pick Up Orders with code PICKUP10

DoorDash Coupon CodeWhile restaurants are closing dine-ins, they are still cooking and delivering via Door Dash

First time customer orders get complimentary delivery, always.