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Best Meal Delivery Services 2019

Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery ServiceSplendid Spoon delivers perfect meals

Some people step into their kitchens with fears and dislikes, while others sprint to cook every chance they get. Our article is for the former. We can really understand those who feel like they don’t belong in the kitchen and that something dangerous can happen in that unfamiliar territory, but are still committed to fresh homemade food no matter what. We are not made equal and thus it’s only natural that cooking is simply not for everyone.

If you, like us, are one of those kitchen-shy people who want to still eat healthy and at home, don’t worry because today there are many options that can be delivered to your door with clear directions for cooking and all needed ingredients nicely packed for you. Better yet, you can get ready-to-eat meals that require heating only, if any preparation still seems daunting.

Let’s take a look at some of these services:

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon Promotion CodeGreen power meals from Splendid Spoon

This service is perfect for all vegetarians and people who follow gluten-free diet. All meals here are plant-based and great for on-the-go life styles. All you have to do is pick a plan and let Splendid Spoon team of experts pick meals for you. If you like to be in control of that, you can customize your order the way you want it and choose meals yourself.

Splendid Spoon Potato StewSoups with unexpected twists from Splendid Spoon

There are over 40 meals to choose from, so you are definitely going to find something satisfying. The meals are breakfast smoothies and lunch soups, pre-portioned and ready to heat and eat.

Splendid Spoon Garden MinestronePlant based healthy lunches from Splendid Spoon

You can have any option you desire for dinner too, but most customers choose to have smoothies for breakfast and soups for lunch, leaving dinner open to other options and occasional indulgences. If you want to lose weight and eat less food, but maintain well-balanced diet, you can eat soups for dinner too. This would guarantee some serious weight loss for sure. All meals are $95 per week, which comes to about $9 per meal. Not cheap, but very worth it.

Splendid Spoon Meal PlanSplendid Spoon meals don’t take much space in your fridge

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Splendid Spoon SmoosieTake Splendid Spoon everywhere you go


Freshly is best for dinner. The meals come pre-prepared and take only minutes to get table-ready. You will get different meals all the time; they rotate every week, and consist of over 30 options to choose from. Freshly is health-conscious and specialize in meals with no refined sugar, artificial preservatives, and gluten. The beauty of these meals is the fact that you will have fast food, meaning fast-prepared, but healthy. Newly discovered free time can be used for extra dates or sweating sessions at the gym – your choice.


This diet is not only easy, but affordable too. All meals are prepared by chefs and are ready to eat, delivered weekly, and tasty. You can choose between keto, diabetes, and vegan options. This meal plan is more than just food; it’s also diet, so you are bound to lose some weight. According to the company, customers are likely to lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The company even offers easy access to health coaches online if you have any questions or need an advice.


Gobble delivers meals that are almost prepared. This means that all the peeling and cutting is already done for you, everything except the cooking itself. If you like homemade fresh meals, this option is definitely for you. Everything will be ready in 15 minutes. You can also order lunch meals. When signing up, you have to specify the number of people and the dietary restrictions. Imagine how easy the clean-up is with this delivery service!

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is for carnivores, omnivores, and vegetarians alike. The recipes are as easy as they come, directions are very clear, and ingredients are of highest quality. You will also find tips for easy cooking in the future and won’t have to make a commitment to enjoy those meals over and over.


Nutrisystem melas with DiscountsNutrisystem also offers meal deliveries

You might think Nutrisystem is an outdated meal delivery plan for seniors. Think again. Nutrisystem has done a lot through the years to attract both teenagers, stay at home moms, CEOs and celebrities alike. They have so many plans that even my super picky hubby was excited to see Nutrisystem meals on the table. With $100 savings he was happier than ever. So why do you wait? Get this promo until it’s still on.

Nurisystem Turbo ShakesNutrisystem Turbo Shakes are low calorie nutrition

Marley Spoon

If you want to learn not only to cook, but to do that like Martha Stewart does, welcome to Marley Spoon. You can now enjoy a line of meals that come pre-measured, feature fresh ingredients and directions how to cook like a pro. The method of cooking is always up to you. You can to choose to broil, sear, grill, or boil like you’ve been doing that forever. The recipes are interesting, but not difficult, so you won’t ever have to feel intimidated. You can pick whatever meals you like or skip deliveries if you have other plans some weeks. You can choose from over 18,000 meals based on your skill level. Most meals take about 30 minutes to make. You can order meal kits for 2 or 4 people household, so this plan is good for families too.

Home Chef

Home Chef is one of the oldest and has been delivering meal kits since 2013. Customers love getting meals that are not difficult to make with fresh pre-measured ingredients. Some work is needed, but overall the directions are easy-to-follow and nothing takes longer than 30-40 minutes to make. You will have to have your own salt, pepper, and oil though, but it would be hard to find a household that doesn’t. The company works with high-quality suppliers and famous chefs who create fancy meals. There are about 40 meals per week to choose from, so you will never get something you don’t like. The meals are planned 5 weeks in advance, so you definitely have enough time to decide if you will be going with try and tested foods or will you want to venture out into an unfamiliar territory and try something new.

Nutrisystem 5-day Meal KitsNutrisystem and SlimFast ready to eat diet goods