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BitsBox for Young Coders

BitsBox for Young Coders

Coding has been and still is a gateway to future – if you know how to code, you will always be in demand in work force or successful on your own if you so choose. And it is never too early to start coding, according to my programmer husband. Gender plays no importance there either – girls are just as likely to code as boys, unlike 10 years ago, when the industry was ruled exclusively by men.

Coding Box from BitsBox

Given the fact that half of our family are into coding, it is only natural that Michael, who is 5, just got his first coding box from BitsBox. He tried playing with Scratch program, but we felt that it was a little too much for him.

BitsBox for Kids

This app programing box is also on a difficult side, but it has plenty of activities that can be done without a child being on apps. Michael loved the stickers and I loved his focus and determination matching stickers correctly to create animals. Sure, the determination only lasted that long, but he is coming back to it over and over again.

BitsBox Apper Keeper

I think this box is perfect for 7-8 year old kids, so we are going to gradually grow into it.

Bitsbox Trading Cards

I have no plans to raise another programmer, but I am determined to expose my boys to a wide range of activities, including sports, to make sure they have a chance to pick what they might like for life.

BitsBox Animal House

BitsBox seeks to teach kids to love coding. Each monthly box is a part of an entire system that lays foundation for real coding. Every level introduces a new computer science concept, such as coordinates, variables, conditionals, functions, motion loops, simple arrays, operators, and much more.

BitsBox Animal House Game

Subscription of BitsBox starts at just $16.95 and so far over a million kids have joined and built apps from all around the world. The best part for me – adults don’t need to know any programming to assist kids. I can do everything else, but programming. We can’t all be coders, right?

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Box from BitsBox

The way this subscription works is very simple. Once the box arrives, kids have to look through all the materials and pick apps they would like to create. Little programmers start coding by following the box activities and later generate to their own independent creations, which is the ultimate goal. All the creation happens on Bitsbox website, where they can share their apps and see what other kids create. The apps are also available on phones and tablets.

Bitsbox Deal

Coding is just another language and I feel that early start can really give Michael a head start. It will eventually be up to him to decide whether he likes it or not, but early extra brain development won’t hurt him even if he’s just going to work with stickers.

Bitsbox Offer

All the materials in the box came nicely packed and of high quality paper and colors. Illustrations were top notch and stickers included all kinds of funny animals and items.

Bitsbox Challenge

All the available apps were described and stored in a nice folder for keeping and working on whenever the child is ready. And then there were trading cards for exchanging with friends if you can find any that are also on this program.

Bitsbox Coding

The best part from this box for us was the book with 10 animals that were created from stickers.

Bitsbox Book

Michael got very involved with this activity and has plans to finish all the animals, eventually.

Bitsbox Promotion

Overall the BitsBox is great, but do consider your child’s age and what you are trying to accomplish. You will have to download BitsBox app and encourage young children to get on it and to start using.

Bitsbox Stickers