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Best Meal Delivery Services During Corona Virus

Best Meal Delivery ServicesFresh goods can be obtained during coronavirus too

Corona virus is keeping us home and has all our favorite restaurants closed. Yes, we have all kinds of time on our hands for cooking, but do we always want to do that? I say we want to sink into our couch by the TV and forget the problems of this world together with Netflix. Should we ever venture out into the kitchen, we expect to have food either fully cooked or at least delivered in kits with recipes. So let’s take a look at what services can we get and how to nourish our bodies and souls during this difficult time:

Let’s start with Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon Delivery Promo 20offSplendid Spoon has you covered with healthy breakfast and lunches

Splendid Spoon is the ultimate service for those who want to remain healthy while on quarantine day 17 or 137, because who cares about the count at this point.

Splendid Spoon Promotion Code 20offSplendid Spoon’s young fans are happy with taste

Splendid Spoon will bring you a week’s worth of plant-based natural smoothies for breakfast and lunch soups. It’s your best possible diet – just grab a bottle of smoothie for breakfast and warm up a bowl of soup for lunch.

Splendid Spoon Smoothie PromoPerfection in the bottle and around it

This way you don’t have to lose track of your figure while jailed at home or waste time on long preparations.

Splendid Spoon Promotion 20offSplendid Spoon is a healthy obsession

Splendid Spoon is not the cheapest meal delivery service out there, it will set you back about $165 per week, but it’s not like you have many other opportunities for spending money.

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Splendid Spoon Smoothie PromotionHealth in a glass from Splendid Spoon


Freshly delivers you fully cooked healthy meals that you just have to heat up for a few minutes. It’s quite opposite from frozen or ready-to-eat nasty processed foods. You choose your meals, change subscription if needed, and enjoy the convenience and healthy diet. If that won’t keep you sane, we don’t know what could!

The more you order, the better the price gets – $11.50/meal for 4 meals per week, $8.99/meal for 6 or 9 meals per week, and $7.99/meal for 12 meals per week. Shipping is free sometimes and coupons are possible to make your wallet feel better.

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  • $60 on Your First 4 Orders with code LAUNCH15
  • $40 OFF First 2 Meals  with code RAD40

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You CouponFarm Fresh to You will deliver local produce to your door

This Californian company won’t deliver ready to eat delicacies but they will take care of your fresh produce needs. You can order weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly boxes of local farm goods. In addition to organic veggie, fruit, combo, and no cook boxes, you can add dairy products, honey, baked farm goods, and snacks.

Farm Fresh to You Box OffersEach Farm Box comes with produce storing advice

The company operates a market at San Francisco Ferry Building, but that’s when things are normal. The price of boxes varies based on your selection, but expect to pay about $26 for a smaller size, $33 for regular size, and $46 for a large box. Add extra for additional products.

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  • $15 off your order when use code SAMA6256

Meal Delivery Services DiscountsFarm Fresh to You brings exceptionally high quality natural veggies and fruits


This is another service for those of us who don’t rejoice long hours spent in the kitchen, but love healthy and fresh things. Gobble lets you choose your meals and caters to various fashions and dietary requirements – think gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and low carb. See, it’s totally easy to stay on track and fit into your regular pants post corona isolation!

Gobble is unique because they take all your prep work from you. They wash, chop, and marinate everything, so that you can just throw everything into one pan and have your gourmet feast ready in 15 minutes.

Gobble meals are affordable, but on the heftier side if you have to feed a family – each meal costs about $11.99, so ordering for two people 3 times per week will set you back $71.94 + $6.99 for shipping. Shipping is free for the first week.

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  • Take $40 of Lunch with Email Sign for New Customers + Free Shipping
  • Take $36 of Dinner with Email Sign

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot will bring you a plant-based meal or a few of your choice. All the meals are easy to make, take about 30 minutes of preparation, and come from all 20,000 edible plants that exist on our planet. You choose what you get and the company delivers colorful breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

It costs $71.94 per week for 3 dinners of 2 servings or $79.92 per week for 2 dinners of 4 servings. You can always add more if you want.

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  • $25 OFF Your First Subscription with promo code PURPLE25

Home Chef

Home Chef is exactly as the name suggests – you choose and get meal kits that need to be cooked by you, the chef in charge. There are plenty of choices, so you can order fish, meat, meatless options, slow cooker recipes, salads, and fast cooking meals for 1 or 2 people. Cooking is simple and takes no more than 40 mins if you know what you are doing in the kitchen.

Home Chef DiscountHome Chef meal kits are easy to make and even easier to enjoy

Meals cost $9.95 per person and you can choose dinners for 2, 4, or 6 people. There are usually left overs and shipping is free for orders over $40. Sounds like a good deal to us!

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  • $30 OFF Any Purchase with coupon DINNERTIME30
  • 30% OFF 3 Free Meals when use code 3PLATESOFF

Home Chef CouponStep by step directions make life easy even for kitchen phobia sufferers

FreshDirect and Instacart

Those two companies are so similar that they can be grouped into one category. They both will shop for you and will deliver your groceries to your door while you watch that Netflix at home. The only difference is that FreshDirect have their own warehouses and thus are not available everywhere, and Instacart personal shoppers shop at your local grocery stores. At the end of the day you get your groceries to your door one way or another.

Instacart Meal DeliveryFresh Direct will bring groceries to you in a speedy manner

Both companies have delivery charges, and yearly membership prices. FreshDirect costs $5.99 per order or $129 per year.

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  • $25 OFF $50+ First Purchase  with code KICK25
  • 60 Days of Unlimited Free Deliveries with DeliveryPass

FreshDirect Grocery DeliveryInstacart personal shoppers are almost as good as you

Instacart delivers for $5.99 or $149 per year.

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  • Enjoy Free Shipping on $35+
  • Up to $10 Discount on Coupons Page

Fresh Meal Plan

This service is very similar to Freshly, where you order cooked meals and get them delivered in refrigerated boxes for later heating. No cutting, cleaning, or dish washing because who has time for that when stuck at home?

Fresh Meal PlanFresh Meal Plan will supply ready to eat meals for a quick heat up

You can go with traditional, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Lean & Mean, or A La Carte diet options. You’ll pay $72/week for 6 meals or $109/week for 10 meals if you want to do what most people do.

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  • $40 OFF Your Order with code CHECKOUT40
  • Extra 15% OFF Meal Plan Purchase with promo code CHECKOUT15

Hello Fresh and Blue Apron

Hello Fresh DiscountHello Fresh brown bags are meticulously arranged

Both businesses deliver meal kits for you to cook. They come with everything you need, step by step directions, and even wine suggestion. You can choose how many meals per week you want and how many people you’re going to do the cooking for. Hello Fresh meal kits come in separate brown paper bags, while Blue Apron delivers a pile of ingredients that you will have to separate into recipes yourself, but otherwise they are not that very different.

Blue Apron DeliveryBlue Apron ingredient sorting

Hello Fresh costs $8-$10 per serving per person or $60 for 3 recipes that feed 2 people.

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  • 50% OFF Your Order with code GET50OFF

Blue Apron CouponBlue Apron easy meals don’t take much time

Blue Apron is averaging $9.99 per meal per person or $8.74 per meal per person if you go with 4 meals. Shipping is free.

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  • $30 OFF Your Subscription with code BA10M2

Blue Apron PromoPerfect servings from Blue Apron

Wild Alaskan Company

You won’t get any prepared meal kits here, but you will get some of the best wild caught fish in the world. It comes in a box once a month, pre-portioned, on dry ice, and ready for cooking. All the fish is wild-caught at sustainably managed fisheries in Alaska and in Pacific Northwest.

Wild Alaskan Company will help you feel like times are normal and fresh seafood is aplenty. You can choose to get salmon, white fish or a combination for $131.88 per month for 12 packs of 6 ounce pieces. If you don’t happen to have a pond in your yard, this is the next best option for fish during quarantine.

See Wild Alaskan Company Promotion Codes:

  • $25 OFF Your First Month with code LIVEWILD
  • $15 OFF Your First Box with code 15OFF