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New Flavor - Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

New Flavor - Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

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Splendid Spoon Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review

Splendid Spoon ReviewSplendid Spoon vegan, non-GMO soups and smoothies

Food and ready-to-eat meal delivery services are still going up in popularity even when it seems that everybody have tried everything already. Up until very recently people with special diets and eating preferences didn’t have many choices, but that is finally changing.

What about the price for meal kits?

Splendid Spoon Box ReviewSplendid Spoon subscription box review

Price is one of the reasons some people don’t try meal kits and delivery. It seems that the amount of food is just not worth the money when you can get all the ingredients form a grocery store for under $100/week. We took time and effort to try as many plant-based food delivery services as we could and picked the sure winner - Splendid Spoon. It was based on price, quality, variety, and company philosophy about healthy lifestyle.

Splendid Spoon carrot Ginger Chia Smoothie ReviewChild holds Carrot Ginger Chia smoothie

Splendid Spoon starts at $65 per week and you can choose from a few programs: Lunch, Breakfast & Lunch, and Breakfast & Lunch & Reset. The plans are customizable with all the meals plant-based and gluten free.

Splendid Spoon New for Lunch

What program did we choose from Splendid Spoon?

Splendid Spoon Discount Codes

We went with “The Program 2.0”, which delivers breakfast and lunch for five days and a full day cleanse.

Splendid Spoon Label

This last word might make people roll their eyes a bit simply because it’s very fashionable now and seems that everybody is on some kind of cleanse, but give this one a chance – it is actually easy and feels good. The food we received was very good, tasty, filling, and made us feel amazing.

Splendid Spoon Tasty Smoothie

The goal of this program is not necessarily weight loss, but it can definitely help with that. If you do want to lose a few pounds, you can sign up for a health program that includes one plant-based meal per day, 15 minutes of mindful practice, and a community to share your progress with.

Splendid Spoon Smoothie

What breakfast meals did we get?

Splendid Spoon SmoothiesSplendid Spoon smoothies

First of all, let’s talk about breakfasts. All 5 breakfasts came in smoothie shape – perfect for those of us that love morning smoothies already.

Splendid Spoon Halloween

The best thing was the variety of flavors that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves:

  • Blackberry Basil
  • Raspberry Cacao
  • AB&J

Splendid Spoon AB&J Smoothie

  • Carrot Ginger Chia

Splendid Spoon Carrot Ginger Chia SmoothieSplendid Spoon Carrot Ginger Chia smoothie

  • Green Matcha

Splendid Spoon Green Matcha SmoothieSplendid Spoon Green Matcha smoothie

Every one of those smoothies tasted good and had distinct and complex flavor.

Splendid Spoon Autumn Coupon

We use word complex because it’s the best way to describe the rich mix of good for you ingredients.

New Flavor - Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

All of those smoothies definitely kept us full until lunch time and gave us ideas for the future smoothie making at home.

Splendid Spoon Ready-To-Eat SmoothiesSplendid Spoon smoothies for a healthy breakfast

Were the lunches good?

Splendid Spoon SoupsSplendid Spoon soups

Lunches were all soups, five different and amazing recipes. It might be scary to think that all you are going to get for lunch is soup, but trust us, they were so satisfying and so filling that we struggled to finish them sometimes.

Soup flavors:

  • Cumin Sweet Potato
  • Chickpea Harissa Tahini
  • Chana Potato Stew
  • Garden Minestrone
  • Lentil & Kale

Splendid Spoon Meal KitSplendid Spoon ready-to-eat soups & smoothies

The soups are hard to review because their liking is so based on personal taste and preference. Some people might love borscht and some might never have had it in their life, so we are leaving the taste test up to you. All we are going to say is that the soups were made of high quality ingredients, we loved them, and they definitely filled us up.

Splendid Spoon Meal DeliverySplendid Spoon delivery to your door

Now let’s get to the one-day soup cleanse. Even if cleanses are not your thing, try this at least one time. You will be surprised how not bloated and full you will feel just sipping those soups all day.

Cleanse soup flavors:

  • Butternut Turmeric Soup
  • Parsnip Apple Puree
  • Cauliflower Potato Chowder
  • Pumpkin Pear Bisque
  • Fennel Consomme

Splendid Spoon Organic Vegan Meal PlanSplendid Spoon meal kit

All of those soups could be eaten hot or cold. We loved them hot, but you might also enjoy them cold. One thing is for certain – it was an easy day and we felt amazing the next morning.

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What kind of package do meals come in?

The meals come in good looking brown paper boxes, frozen, semi-frozen, or chilled, and are delivered by FedEx. The containers are plant-based and insulated. You will also get a guide to inform you about the company and the meals you received.

Splendid Spoon FedEx DeliverySplendid Spoon FedEx Delivery

In conclusion, the Splendid Spoon is great. You might not be able to order it all the time if you have budget constraints, but try it one week per month and you will love it. It’s easy to stay on track with it and the food is great.

Splendid Spoon BoxSplendid Spoon subscription box

After breakfast and lunch you can eat whatever you like for dinner and not feel bad about it. Splendid Spoon takes away the need to spend time preparing healthy meals – all you have to do is warm the soups up and enjoy.

Splendid Spoon Green Matcha Smoothie ReviewGreen Matcha smoothie