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Best and Worst from Kickstart Balanced Weight Loss Kit

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Kickstart Balanced Weight Loss KitNutrisystem Kickstart Balanced 7-Day Weight Loss Kit

Recently I’ve put on some extra weight and started feeling embarrassed the way I looked. I tried to eat less and cut on sugar and desserts, but it didn’t help. I felt I needed some scientific approach, so I wouldn’t harm my health by a crash diet, if I just start starving. I came across Nutrisystem meal plans on the Internet and decided to try. The company was not new, their meals are backed up by nutritionist’s recommendations and guidance, so they seemed trustworthy. See Nutrisystem Coupons here. I decided to purchase a Kickstart Balanced 7-Day Weight Loss Kit to try and check whether I will like the food and whether I will meet my weight loss goals. Here is my honest review.


Nutrisystem Kickstart Monday KitMy Nutrisystem Memu for Monday

Just as we make New Year resolution on December 31 and start carrying out the plan on the 1st of January, I started my diet on Monday. I downloaded the app and followed all recommendations and suggestions.

Nutrisystem Maple Brown Sugar OatmealNutrisystem Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with Added Blueberry

So, for breakfast I had Nutrisystem Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal. I didn’t heat it up in the microwave oven as I normally avoid using it too often. Instead, I just poured hot water in the bowl with cereal and the meal was ready in two minutes. I love eating cereal in the morning because it supplies me with energy, and I feel full. This cereal comes with pieces of apple and walnut and tastes really good. I only wish there were more cereal because I tend to eat bigger portions. But I am supposed to lose weight and the meal has only 150 calories.

Loaded Mashed Potato by NutrisystemNutrisystem Loaded Mashed Potato

For lunch I had Nutrisystem Loaded Mashed Potato and I didn’t like it at all. The taste was artificial, and it smelled awful. But I ate it and was looking forward to having dinner.

Nutrisystem Sweet and Salty Nut BarNutrisystem Sweet and Salty Nut Bar

In an hour after lunch I got so hungry that I decided to have Nutrisystem Sweet and Salty Nut Bar and it was delicious. The combination of sweet and salty taste was just perfect, and nuts helped satisfy hunger.

Nutrisystem Hearty Beef StewNutrisystem Hearty Beef Stew in a Can

For dinner I had Nutrisystem Hearty Beef Stew and it was not bad. Or maybe I was so hungry by that time that anything would taste good to me. Anyway, it was quite eatable and even nourishing.

Hearty Beef StewNutrisystem Hearty Beef Stew When Opened


Nutrisystem Kickstart Tuesday KitMy Nutrisystem Menu for Tuesday

I began Tuesday morning with Nutisystem Sinnamon Streusel Muffin.

Nutisystem Sinnamon Streusel MuffinNutrisystem Sinnamon Streusel Muffin for Breakfast

That morning after taking kids to school my friend and I went to the beach to catch up with some work and I had my breakfast on the beach. Any food on the beach tastes delicious, but Nutrisystem muffin was really delicious. I also brought with me Nutrisystem Cheese Puffs for a snack and ate it with pleasure.

Nutrisystem Seasame RamenNutrisystem Creamy Chicken Alfredo I Had for Dinner

Nutrisystem Seasame Ramen for lunch is definitely not my thing. I don’t like all that powdered broth because they contain particular processed ingredients, such as maltodextrin. Creamy Chicken Alfredo for dinner was actually not bad and it had only 240 calories in it, which is the most important fact to consider.

Nutrisystem Kickstart Wednesday KitMy Nutrisystem Menu for Wednesday

After following the meal plan for two days I got complete understanding of types of food offered. But I continued eating Nutrisystem because I was persistent in following my goal. Summing up, I may say that I hated lunch time the most as those noodles in different broth with various spices were not tasty and I doubt very much that they I can benefit from eating these foods at all.

Nutrisystem Chicken and Pasta ParmesanNutrisystem Meals for Thursday

However, some of the noodles were made of durum wheat and the list of ingredients includes a variety of vegetables.

Nutrisystem Kickstart Saturday KitMy Friday Nutrisystem Menu

When it comes to dinner some of the meals were delicious. I really enjoyed Nutrisystem Lasagna with Meat Sause and Chicken and Pasta Parmesan. The latter was spicy but not too hot. I also loved Nutrisystem Harvest Grain Bowl because the meal was rich in fiber and other important nutrients.

Nutrisystem Kickstart Sunday KitNutrisystem Menu for Saturday

The best part of Nutrisystem meals is their snack bars. They are really delicious, made from natural ingredients and make you feel full. At the same time, they are high in fiber and protein, plus contain no trans-fats. They make a healthier choice than a burger or a hot dog Snacks are tasty too, all the cookies are tender and taste homelike.

Nutrisystem Snack Chocolate BarNutrisystem Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Now, the most intriguing part of the review: how much pounds I’ve lost. I did lose a lot for the first week-6 pounds! The results are more than promising, and I proved that Nutrisystem meal plan really works. I added some vegetables like broccoli and cucumbers to my dinner meals and some blueberries to oatmeal granola cereal. Other than that, I ate nothing but Nutrisystem. I’m happy with the results but must admit it was hard. I felt hungry all the time and for me this food was not enough. However, the idea of the meal plan is to cut on calories so you could start losing weight. You’ve got to have a strong will power not to break down and finish what you’ve started.

Will I keep following Nutrisystem meal plan? No. I’ve achieved the results I needed and I will try to use the principles of well-balanced diet to retain this weight. I didn’t enjoy eating Nutrisystem much and you can’t compare Nutrisystem meals with freshly made dished. Plus, it’s hard to live on such a small number of calories for a long time. Maybe this is not enough for me as I am very tall and probably need more calories. I couldn’t get used to being hungry all week long and got very irritated sometimes.

What I liked about Nutrisystem meal plans is their snack bars and cereal. I would like to order them separately to have them in my purse or in my car in case I feel like having a bite.