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LEGO Online vs in Store?

Lego- VIP Offers

The LEGO Shop-at-Home website offers unprecedented organization of LEGO sets and the new releases.

LEGO Website New Release Sets


With the website, you also get the ability to view the current promotions.


LEGO Website Offers On The Phone Screen


Typically, you can get a small free LEGO set with a purchase over a certain amount.


LEGO Free Exclusive Back-to-School


Other than the ability to get promotions, you’re not benefiting by using the official LEGO website.




If you like shopping from the comfort of your own home, Amazon and eBay are leaps and bounds better.


eBay Priority Mail Box


With Amazon, your LEGO sets are pretty much guaranteed to arrive in mint condition while priced a lot cheaper. Amazon always gives people an amazing LEGO shopping experience they won’t forget.


Amazon Prime Shipping Boxes


If you’re looking to save the most amount of money though, Amazon shouldn’t be your first choice.


LEGO Grab'n'Go Space Builds


Sellers on eBay typically prioritize giving customers the most affordable LEGO set over quality.


LEGO City Back-to-school


This shouldn’t turn you off, because if you simply filter out all of the used sets, you’re left with sets that are factory sealed and you can buy the cheapest sealed set.


LEGO Emma's Art Studio


What’s the catch? Typically, with the cheap sets you buy on eBay, the box is always heavily damaged.


LEGO Ship In A Bottle


Unless you’re a collector, this shouldn’t be a problem because you’d just throw away the box anyway.


LEGO Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle


When shopping on eBay, you do have to be aware of some caveats. For example, even if the set is listed as new, it doesn’t mean that the set is factory sealed.


Little Red Riding Hood LEGO Set


You have to carefully read the listing’s description and if you’re still unsure, simply message the seller and ask him for more detailed pictures. From my experience, sellers have always been cooperative.


LEGO Tree House


LEGO Promotions:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $35
  • Up to 80% OFF Select Sale Items
  • Free Lego Life Magazine Subscription


LEGO Free Gift with Purchase Back-to-school


While online shopping can save you money, going to a physical LEGO store has many other benefits.




For one, you can buy sets the moment they get released to the public.




Online shopping always has shipping which can take anywhere from 3-10 days depending on the option you select at checkout. By buying your desired LEGO set at a physical store, you’re getting the item instantly and you’re not paying shipping too!


LEGO Apollo Back-to-School


In addition, you don’t ever have to worry about new releases getting instantly sold out because the stores usually get a lot more sets than what is predicted to be sold.


LEGO Offers Back-to-school


This is not the only advantage of going to the LEGO physical store.


LEGO Free Exclusive back-to-school


Most of these stores offer a wall of organized bricks for kids to build and play.


LEGO Promotion Back-to-School


Plus, all of the employees are very knowledgeable of every set so all of your inquiries can be answered in the blink of an eye.


LEGO Pick&Build Back-to-School


After all, you’re not buying the new iPhone. The method of simply driving to the LEGO store to get new sets instantly is used by LEGO YouTubers like JANGBRICKS, MandRproductions, Bringsales, and countless others to upload the review when it’s relevant.


LEGO Star Wars


The Verdict:

In order to get the best possible experience while shopping for a new LEGO set, it is highly recommended by the 20off team to visit a physical location of the store.


Lego Store Showcase


It offers a great customer service team and an unprecedented play experience for children.


LEGO Promo Back-to-School


Some stores even feature an AR camera, to which you can show a LEGO box; from the view of the screen, the actual set will be placed on top of the box.


LEGO Never Stop Back-to-school


However, if you’re looking to save the most amount of money, you’re much better off shopping at eBay or Amazon.


LEGO Gift Back-to-school


Amazon has the balance between price and quality while eBay’s sellers offer never-before-seen affordability.


LEGO Pick And Build Wall