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Snow Gear for Dogs

Snow Gear for Dogs

I have never seen a dog snowboarding in the mountains until… yesterday. Celebrating my son’s birthday, we went skiing in Snowbowl and I saw a scene that made my jaw drop. A dog wearing skiing glasses was carrying its own snowboard up the slope. It never occurred to me that there is special snow gear for dogs. Well, I knew about surfboards for dog and there are even dog surfing competitions, but seeing a dog carry its own snowboard made me curious to know more about snow gear for dogs.

The first thing I did on coming home was checking out Chewy.com. I know it’s a primary online destination for most dog owners. This online store is popular among not only dog and cat owners, but also those who have pets like goldfish, hamsters, birds and more. So, I found a nice selection of snow suits and snow gear at Chewy.com. And the good things is that most clothing for dogs is also suitable for cats. So, whether you have a dog or a cat at chewy.com you will find a wide range of pet clothing for winter season.

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Park City Skiing

I live in California and my dog doesn’t need warm clothing for the winter months.

Skiing with Dog

But when we go skiing at Lake Tahoe or Park City, Utah, I do need some nice suits for him to have fun with us on the slopes. Frisco assortment of pet clothing at chewy.com is nice, with garments for him and for her. Usually, I prefer to buy stuff online as it saves my time and money. And this time I was glad to discover that I can get winter coats for my dog online too. Knitted hats, quilted puffer coasts and even insulated parka are only some of the items I found there. Non-skid dog socks are a must have for walking on the snow-covered roads. Trendy colors and design, great attention to detail and quality fabrics distinguish Frisco pet suits and accessories. If you want your pet to hit the slopes in style and feel warm chewy.com is the store to check.

Winter Dog’s Outfit

If you are good at sewing, you can have your own handmade snow gear for your devoted furry friend. Just search online for DIY winter suits for dogs. Look for easy to make DIY dog coat ideas that won’t cost you much money.  Those who would rather purchase handmade dog ski jackets can checkout Etsy for one-of-the-kind winter apparel for dogs.

Park City, Utah

But winter dog’s outfit won’t be complete without stylish ski glasses. When it comes to getting ski goggles for dogs you can find some affordable items along with more costly ones at Amazon. In fact, Amazon is the place where you can get practically anything, so you are sure to find dog winter coats, harness, ski glasses and more there.

Winter Gear for Dog

Pets are part of our family, they are our devoted friends and they deserve sharing all the happy moments with us. Imagine how fun it would be for you and your friend to be able to accompany you on your snowboarding adventures. All you need to do is equip your dog with some snow gear and they will be happy to join your family team.