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Personalized Roy's Garage

Personalized Roy's Garage Sign

My husband doesn’t usually care much about man caves and his garage, but when he does, he wants the experience to be personalized and top of the line. Our family is all about personalization lately and I am loving it. We live in a day and age when it’s not that hard to get creative and have things your way. My kids love personalized school supplies, I enjoy custom kitchen nick knacks, and even our dog gets his own name treat containers, so why shouldn’t my husband?

The story started when we decided to get our garage organized. It’s very big, but full of stuff that has no business being there and finally we started looking for solutions. After we moved some of the clutter to the basement, my husband saw how much potential our garage actually has. Besides housing two cars there is plenty of room for organization of tools and personalization of space that was previously unused.

Craftsman Garage Cabinet

The decision was made right away to create a nice space and call it Roy’s Garage. It’s really not that complicated – a fresh coat of paint and floor update are the two big things we will be doing. Everything else is in the details and accessories.

First and foremost, the garage needs a sign and my husband really invested some time finding a good one. There are all sorts of ways to obtain a sign of your dreams. You can go for something handmade and wooden from Etsy. You can also find a neon sign store and get a shiny bright thing that is cheap and totally not my husband’s style. You can also check out personalized stores like Personal Creations and Personalization Mall. Since the latter one is of my favorite stores, guess where my husband will be getting his sign from.

Yes, you guessed it right – it’ll be from Personalization Mall. They have the widest selection of signs and I have verified the quality of their products countless times before. Personalization doesn’t have to be very expensive or take long. All items take about 2 days to get customized and then a few more days for shipping. I always shop at the Sales section and most of the time can find something on sale. Personalization Mall offers random deals and seasonal discount events too, so I’m always saving while shopping.

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My husband really liked a metal sign from Personalization Mall. It has a picture of an old car and a year of establishment, which is, naturally, the year we bought our first house. We are very proud of this sign and plan to display it front and center on our emptied shelves (not that they will stay empty for long).

Craftsman Tools for Roys Garage

My husband is also on a quest to get a nice collection of tools for various DIY home projects car mechanics jobs, which is another hobby he is picking up – must be the age.

Tools for Roys Garage

I am more and more into plants while he is more and more serious about home and car projects.

Tools for DIY Home Projects

This is why we both are spending considerable amounts of time at Home Depot and Lowe’s. We also spend considerable amounts of money there.

Tools for Personalized Roy's Garage

Besides a personalized sign from Personalization Mall my husband is very serious about Craftsman brand not only for organization shelves, but tools too, from plyers to table saws and everything in between.

Craftsman Tools

I don’t mind that one bit because I visualize how our garage will look in reds and blacks. Even our young son is picking up these organization skills from his dad and that’s like a dream come true for any mom!

Craftsman Tools for Personalized Roy's Garage