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Our First Raddish Box Review

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Let me start by saying that my kids love cooking. I enjoy taking my teenager and my 5 year old to cooking classes, restaurants, and other venues that are connected with food. Even though I am raising boys, I want them to be independent and self-sufficient when they are ready to leave my house. They will cook for themselves and will be able to help their wives in the kitchen when time comes.

Both of them showed interest in cooking and baking early on and I knew that if I won’t encourage further interest right away, the passion will soon be gone. So I encouraged it myself and took them to Sur La Table, Whole Foods, and other cooking classes.

Today, thanks to coronavirus, all those cooking classes are closed and I am left to my own devices. We always cook from scratch at home, but when it comes to kids in the kitchen, I enjoy professional directions and ideas. This is why I started looking for a subscription box for kids that would foster their love for cooking and found Raddish.

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Raddish is a monthly box that comes with everything you need for cooking except ingredients. Those you will have to buy yourself based on recipes from the box. Each box has three recipe guides, a kitchen tool, a kitchen project or game, collectibles, 3 culinary skill lessons, and a grocery list. All of that means that once you are ready to dedicate some time for cooking with kids and make a grocery run, you can engage in the activity that not only brings family together, but also teaches kids valuable skills for their future of eating healthy homemade food.

This is what Raddish subscription brings:

  • You have to join the club first
  • There are 3 different plans
  • Membership includes monthly boxes, digital recipes, activities, and online community
  • Monthly kits don’t repeat and include holiday cooking and various cuisines
  • Kids love to learning how to  cook and being innovative in the kitchen
  • This experience is for the entire family
  • Kids from 4 to 14+ will enjoy Raddish kits
  • Kids learn mixing, simmering, chopping, and discover different cultures
  • Kits and recipes are created by experts who work with kids

All customers have to choose one of three payment plans:

  • $24 per month if paid monthly
  • $22 per month for 6 month subscription
  • $20 per month with yearly subscription

The longer you sign up for, the less you pay, so I went for 6 months first to see how we like it. Monthly boxes can be cancelled any time, the other two will require more steps to do so, but both include a free Raddish apron, which my little guy adores.

Raddish Apron

Let’s take a look at what was inside our first box and see if kids liked it:

The theme of the box was A Ticket to Tokyo. Naturally, there was a chopstick challenge with a quick tutorial how to best use chopsticks.

Raddish Box Deals

Our family loves sushi and can use chopsticks, but a little extra practice never hurt anybody. So we practiced and played games.

Raddish Ticket to Tokyo Box

The main recipe for us was teriyaki chicken skewers, so we went shopping with a clear list that was given. We needed chicken tenders, red bell pepper, soy sauce, brown sugar, water, cornstarch, garlic powder, and some roasted sesame seeds. The tools needed were all found in our kitchen – baking sheet, foil, cutting board, knives, wooden skewers, small pot, whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a pastry brush.

Raddish Japan Box

The recipe itself was very easy to follow step by step. My older son loves helping his little brother, so I was here just for pictures. We sliced the chicken, put all the pieces on skewers, baked them, and then braised them with a sauce made in the pot with all the ingredients. It was amazing!

Raddish Ticket to Tokyo Offers

In addition to the recipe we received information about Japanese meals, how to say a few words in Japanese, advice how to keep the kitchen and ourselves clean, and a patch with a sunrise behind a mountain that will have to be ironed onto the apron.

Raddish Box Offer

The other two recipes are Yakisoba Noodles and Handmade Sushi Rolls. I am especially looking forward to the latter! Other two kitchen skills, besides cleanliness, are stir-fry secrets and tips for sushi and rolls. There were chopsticks and a sushi mat included for keeping.

As you can see, while some grocery shopping is needed, you get the recipe and additional fun facts about whatever you are coking, provided. My kids can’t wait for sushi making next and I am very happy that it’s three recipes included each month, not one. We will be busy for three days this month and will learn so many new things!