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I am riding a wave of my kids’ interest in cooking that has been taking place for the last month. We started with making jello, then helping mommy with breakfasts, and now they are ready for more. So I am scrambling to find easy recipes that they can do themselves. I am all for nurturing the love of cooking. As long as the mess created is not too big.

Raddish Lunchtime Love Box

I have spent quite a bit of time looking for kid-friendly recipes online, but not much is available. And then you have to waste more time reading all of them to determine if they are really doable for a 7 and a 9 year old. This is when I discovered Raddish subscription box and it was love at first site. While I wish that each box would deliver the ingredients needed for recipes too, they don’t. On the other hand, it’s probably for the better, because they would be perishable, and there is no guarantee that kids would want to cook for a few days in a row.

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Each Raddish box brings recipes and cooking ideas. It also includes some kitchen tools and tips how to become better at cooking. This month it was a set of wheat plastic utensils and 3 recipes for healthy lunch. Yes, school will be virtual this year, but kids will still need to eat lunch, so this is very fitting.

Raddish Lunchtime Love Cooking Tools

Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients and tools needed to make it. There is an electronic version of the list a well, but I enjoy holding a paper in hand while shopping. I let kids choose which recipe they want to make before I go grocery shopping and this way they have some say in their diet, which they enjoy.

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The first recipe chosen was Chicken Caesar Wraps with very simple ingredients. I had to buy chicken breasts, tortillas, lettuce, and a few condiments, but nothing crazy. In addition to the recipe there was information about Julius Caesar the emperor and Caesar Cardini, the inventor of Caesar salad.

Raddish Lunchtime Love Recipes

There is also a challenge to create wraps like these, but while adding extra ingredients on their own.  It was very easy to make and fun to eat, which they did because they made the wraps themselves. When I bought similar wraps from Whole Foods, they brought it back from school untouched and chose to have no lunch at all rather than eat something not familiar. Making their own recipes definitely helps kids be more open minded about food.

Raddish Pesto Pasta Salad

Pizza pockets and pesto pasta salad are two more recipes that are still waiting for inspiration. My kids don’t eat pizza and create all kinds of problems for me at friends’ birthday parties, so I hope to break this cycle with their own made pizza somethings.

Raddish Lunchtime Love Pizza Pockets

Pizza pocket recipe also has some jokes about lunching and some edible geometry about pizzas and pizza pockets getting eaten with friends and family. This is pretty basic, but there is no way I would be coming up with all that myself during school lunch breaks at home, so I love it!

Raddish Pizza Pocket Recipe

There is also a challenge to create a snack containing three items that a child can pick from a list.

Raddish Table Talk

The list includes veggies, fruit, berries, peanut butter, hummus, yogurt, tortillas, and similar items. Kids are encouraged to think for themselves and I enjoy watching them getting creative in the kitchen.

Raddish Create a Snack Challenge

This is really what it comes down to – creativity, learning, and making food from scratch. All those things are vital for every young adult and I will take any help I can with teaching my kids to be adventurous and comfortable in the kitchen.

Raddish Lunchtime Love Recipe