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Nutrisystem VS Jenny Craig Bars

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These days there is a variety of companies and weight loss plans that offer healthy snacks as part of their meal plans. You can also purchase these snack bars separately if you need only the bars. I’ve tried a variety of snack bars so far. Nutrisystem, Freshly, Kind Minis, Weight Watchers and now I’ve added Jenny Craig bars. Currently, my most favorite snacks are Nutrisystem bars, but I purchased Jenny Craig bars to try and find out whether they can actually beat Nutrisystem bars in terms of quality, nutritious value and the price.

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Before purchasing the bars I made some research about Jenny Craig food and read some Jenny Craig reviews.

Jenny Craig Nut & Honey Bars

I discovered that Jenny Craig diet is quite popular and some of their products like Jenny Craig shakes and recharge bars are highly rated. So, I purchased a pack of 7 Jenny Craig Recharge Bar and here is my honest review.

Jenny Craig Recharge Bars

First of all, I’m going to analyze the ingredients of Jenny Craig Recharge Bar. As you see on the back of the bar box, each bar contains macadamia nuts, honey, pecans, almond butter, coconut flower and a little bit of coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, sea salt, sea salt and mixed tocopherols to preserve freshness. According to the latest research tocopherols are considered safe food additives and they are not linked to any harmful impact if people consume them in the small amount.

Ingredients of Jenny Craig Recharge Bar

Each bar contains 190 calories, 16 g of total fat, 3 g of protein, 4 g of dietary fiber. What I did like about its ingredients is 5 g of added sugars which could be avoided, I guess.

Jenny Craig Bars

Now, let’s look into Nutrisystem list of ingredients. 1 bar of Nutrisystem Peanut Butter Oat Bar contains 160 calories, 6 g of total fat, 7 g of protein, 3 g of dietary fiber and 6 g of added sugars. As for the ingredients, their list is more extensive than that of Jenny Craig Recharge Bar. They are all natural ones except mixed tocopherols I also found in Jenny Craig Recharge Bar.

Jenny Craig Recharge Bar

So, considering the ingredient and the nutritional value, both bars have much in common, the only difference is that Nutrisystem contains fewer total fats. And in this respect Nutrisystem bar is better for achieving weight loss goals.

Jenny Craig Recharge Bar

Nutrisystem Peanut Butter Oat Bar


Total fat


Dietary Fiber

Added Sugars


16 g

3 g

4 g

5 g


6 g

7 g

3 g

6 g

As for the taste of the bars, I like Nutrisystem much more as it is delicious. In fact, my younger child even refused to eat Jenny Craig Recharge Bar at all saying that it tastes awful. I wouldn’t be so categoric, but I didn’t enjoy it either. Both bars have healthy ingredients, but Nutrisystem tastes much better for me, so Nutrisystem snack bars wins the battle.