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More Retailers are Closing Their Operations

Walmart is Still OpenWalmart is still holding up and leading

It seems that we are getting more and more bad news every hour. The cases are increasing, college kids are still enjoying themselves on the beaches in Florida, hospitals are fearful about what’s coming, many schools are announcing that digital learning will be the only way for the rest of the school year, and California and parts of New York are receiving ‘shelter in place’ orders. The outlook is very bleak and experts say that it will get a lot worse before it’ll get better.

Coronavirus Panic BuyingWhole Foods shelves are getting emptier

Those distressing news are forcing us to frantically shop for toilet paper, hoard food, and remain ever fearful about the future of our economy. In the midst of all that many non-essential retailers and small businesses are beginning to close the doors of their physical stores and even suspend online operations in effort to keep their employees at home and healthy.

Walmart Pharmacy OffersWalmart has medications and plants for this difficult time

What kind of economic crisis we will have after all of this remains to be seen. But one thing is almost for certain – we will have to change many things and life will never be same after 2020. The way we shop will be changed forever and struggling retailers will be in even more dire situation.

Walmart Cleaners DealsLow prices on still available detergents and paper products

On the other hand, the strongest businesses will survive and might become even stronger. The weak ones might succumb to closures and loss of revenue. This has been the cycle of humanity and turns out we are not immune to that too, no matter how invincible we thought we were.

Walmart Chicken DealsMeat section at Walmart is not seeing shortages

Despite the daily changes and uncertainty, there are some things that remain of comfort and give us hope. I am talking about stores that manage to stay open to offer us service and to help us survive all of this craziness.

Walmart Pharmacy DiscountsWalmart is now offering sanitizing wipes for your cart

As we are getting news about new closures, some retailers are standing strong. I received a letter today that all stores from The TJX Companies are closing not only physical locations, but shutting down their online operations as well.

TJ Maxx CouponsTJ Maxx and Home Goods are closing stores and websites

This prompted me to look for the ones that I can still shop at, and there are quite a few options that are not going anywhere, at least for now:


Walmart Redusing HoursWalmart is going to benefit from other stores’ closures

The retail giant is still open, both physically and online. Some 24-hour locations are reducing hours at night for restocking and disinfection.

Walmart Grocery Promo 20OFFFresh veggies at Walmart

Walmart delivery is working great too.

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  • $10 OFF First $50 Grocery Delivery with code VISITORS

Walmart Grocery Delivery Promo 20offWalmart deliveries are through the roof

You can order groceries online and either pick them up or get them delivered and left by your door.

Walmart App DiscountsWalmart app saves time and money

This is especially helpful for the social distancing and ‘sheltering in place’ time.

Walmart Grocery Delivery 20offWalmart delivery still has paper towels

Walmart is also continuing to deliver regular products. I think this option will remain available for a while.

Walmart Fresh Fruits DiscountFresh produce can be delivered to your door from Walmart

Stein Mart

Stein Mart CouponsStein Mart remains open online

This discount clothing retailer from Florida is also remaining open for online business. Once you have your groceries and food essentials figured out, you might need to update your wardrobe even if you are staying at home for now. ‘For now’ are key words here, because despite our problems, spring is in full bloom and life is not stopping.

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  • 30% OFF Clearance Items with code SHOPCLR
  • 25% OFF Clearance Shoes  when use code SHOPCLR
  • $10 OFF Any Purchase of $30 or more with coupon CASH10

Stein Mart Discount ClothingStein Mart stores might be closing, but you can find their fashion online

We will get through this and will need a new affordable wardrobe to resume our daily lives. Given the fact that economy is expected to not do very well, Stein Mart’s low prices on fashion essentials are what we need.


Zulily Delivery PromoZulily has always been online only

I’ve loved this low price retailer for a while, but now their service is especially essential. The company never had physical locations and now they won’t need them for a long time. Zulily is an amazing place for clothing, shoes, and accessories for the entire family.

See Zulily Discounts:

  • Up to 80% OFF Most Items
  • $15 OFF Your First Order when You Open a Zulily Credit Card

Zulily DiscountsYou can get something special from Zulily any time

They even have some home décor items and kitchen supplies. Most items take a couple of weeks to arrive, so give it some time, but super low prices make the wait worth it.


Groupon CouponsGroupon is open for business to help you save

Groupon is going to see a renaissance. Some of us were getting kind of tired of looking for deals and applying them to everything we bought. But guess what – we will hit Groupon with renewed energy in order to get what we need and save us much as possible in the uncertain future.

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  • $10 OFF next groupon with code MARCH10
  • Extra 20% OFF any One Deal at Groupon with code SAVE
  • 30% OFF Local Deals with code SAVE30

Groupon Coupons 20OFFGroupon discounts are helpful any time

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Online DiscountsBass Pro Shops have all kinds of supplies

This outdoor retailer is staying open, at least online. It has everything needed for outdoor life and survival. Hunting and fishing, as well as other sports merchandise might become essential for people.

Bass Pro Shops Club CouponsBass Pro Shops are staying online

See Bass Pro Shops Coupons:

  • Up To 50% OFF Hot Buys
  • Free 2-Day Shipping on Orders $50+

Bass Pro Shops Firearms CouponsRifles for security and survival

Catching your own fish and hunting deer could provide for a family that lost its income and is weathering some tough times. Even if you didn’t lose your job, you might desire to get out of the house and take a hike in the rural forest to stay away from people while the virus is not contained. Bass Pro Shops has you covered.

Bass Pro Shops OffersLong-lasting food products at Bass Pro Shops


Cabela's CouponsCabela’s stores are staying open online

Cabela’s belongs to Bass Pro Shops and has very similar merchandise and deals. This is another great option to get everything you need without leaving your home and add some peace of mind that you will have supplies to survive whatever life throws at you.

See Cabela’s Promotions:

  • Up to 70% on Bargain Cave Deals
  • Free 2-Day Shipping on Orders Over $50


Sierra Promotional OffersCabela’s stocks are full, but customers are in short supply

Sierra, just like Home Goods and TJ Maxx, is closing all stores and websites. I used to buy cute Zippy Paws dog toys from Sierra, but now that will be moved to Chewy.com and Petco. This is unfortunate, because I loved the selection of Sierra. I hope they will come back. I also love Chewy and was buying dog food from them for a while, so adding toys won’t change anything.

Chewy and Petco DiscountsChewy.com continues to offer fast delivery

See Chewy Promotions:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49
  • Up To 40% OFF Sale Items

Chewy and Petco are two places that are always friendly and reliable. Chewy is legendary for its customer service and I believe they will remain committed even in the time of crisis, for the love of pets.