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Savings Hacks and Free Shipping on Zulily

Zulily Gift Card

Zulily is no longer kids clothing and toys seller, it’s so much more now! You can find great deals on clothes for the entire family and many home and garden items. It’s hard to resist its great prices and shipping surprise element.

From one Zulily addict to another here are some ways to save even more, especially with fall and winter holidays coming up:

Shop Zulily Flash sales

This is when you can obtain the biggest discounts with up to 75% off. The sale might last up to 3 days and is always announced at 6 am Pacific Time.

 Sign up for notifications

This is very important if you want to participate in flash sales, because once the item is gone, it’s gone. If you sign up for notifications, you will be alerted the next time this same item goes on sale again, which it can at any time.

Free shipping?

Yes, you can get that with Zulily if you buy multiple items. If you have a lot of stuff to get, make sure you break the purchase into two parts. Once you select and pay for the first item, Zulily grants you free shipping for the rest of the day, so continue your shopping later.

Free weekend shipping?

Yes, you can also get that. When you shop on Friday, you will be offered free shipping for that Friday all the way through Sunday.

Free shipping codes?

Those are hard to come by, but sometimes you can. Before buying always check coupon aggregation sites for offers. Keep in mind that most will be fake and expired, but once in a while you will be able to find a real gem. Regular shipping price is $5.99 per item.

Zulily Coupons 20off

Should you do last minute shopping at Zulily?

That’s definitely a no. It takes about two weeks to get your order delivered, so forget last minute Christmas gifts. Shipping estimation is usually displayed on the product page, so plan ahead, shop responsibly, and enjoy the savings.

What is “Ready to Ship section”?

You can find this section in the Category menu or by looking for a rocket icon next to shipping options. Products from this section will leave the warehouse in 1-2 days, so you won’t have to wait for 2 weeks.

How can you save $15 instantly?

This has something to do with your friends. If they sign up for Zulily via a link provided by you and make a purchase, you will get $15 store credit. Simple, right? All you have to do is go to your account and get personal Zulily referral link.

Is return process easy?

This is the thing – most items are not returnable, so think very hard before buying and be certain about the size. This means that you should measure and re-measure. Conversion from European sizes is often involved too.

Use Squatchi foot sizer for kids shoes

This is necessary if you want to avoid shoes sizing mistakes for kids and adults with very small feet. If you get the wrong size sent to you by mistake, customer service is amazing and will take care of you right away.

Is it worth signing up for Zulily digest?

This really depends on you. If you don’t want to miss a sale and shop there a lot, you might really enjoy all kinds of sales information sent to you based on your shopping patterns. If you, like us, buy mostly gifts, you might not find it very useful. If you do sign up, create a separate folder for all marketing emails and keep your main inbox free.

Like your favorite brands

If you are fan of some particular brands, like them by clicking a heart next to them and you will be notified when brand items go on sale.

What are the best tech options for shopping at Zulily?

You can shop on your computer or download an app and shop anywhere anytime. Zulily works on Android and Apple systems.

When can you expect to see the best sales?

It turns out that Zulily sales follow other retailer sales patterns. This means that you can estimate the biggest sales of the year pretty easily and get ready to save major amounts when everybody else is spending those major amounts.

Always check all sections for best deals

To make sure you are not missing anything, look at ‘New Today’, ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Last Day’, ‘Shop by Category’, and ‘Shop by Size’ categories because deals can hide anywhere.