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KiwiCo Storytime Puppet Show and ABC Card Game

KiwiCo Storytime Box

Every child loves storytelling. Children do it when they role play even playing on their own. But with KiwiCo puppet theatre their imagination will have no limits and the props they will find in this KiwiCo Storytime box will equip them with everything they need for hours of fun play. Let the magic of creative play and acting drive the inquisitive minds for exploring the world. But first, you will need to assemble the stage with the screen.

Puppet Theatre

KiwiCo Storytime Box Instruction

You will need a theater box, red curtain, reversible backdrops, whiteboard and round foam buttons.

Theater Box from KiwiCo

First assemble the theatre by placing the white screen into the back of the box.

Placing the White Screen

Then choose one of the backdrops and place it in front of white screen.

KiwiCo Storytime Box Backdrops

Fix the red curtain in front of backdrop and secure it with round foam buttons from each side.

Rotate the Wooden Rod

Now you can rotate the wooden rod to get the curtain up and down. Now your puppet theatre is ready for staging performances.

You can change the backdrop for your story and pick new characters to have more opportunities for storytelling.

Assembling the puppet theatre is very easy. Even a 3-year-old child will be able to put it together with the adult’s supervision. But I would rather say that this project and the idea of a puppet show is more suitable for a kid ages 5 or 6, because to play the game and move the character kids need appropriate motor skills, otherwise all the screen with stage can get collapsed.

Dress-Up Puppets

Dress-Up Puppets Kit

Now you will need all your props and the puppet theatre completed before. Take the magnet sheet and punch out the magnets. The set features two puppet stands for the doll.

KiwiCo Puppets

There are three dolls to choose to play and a great variety of clothing and accessories to dress up. First, stick the doll to the magnet stand and dress it up according to the spot in your story. There are extra magnets to use for decorating the backdrop, such as the sun, clouds, a boat, various animals and more. Then you can lower the puppets into the theatre and get them fixed with the foam buttons. You can move your puppets left or right during the Storytime.

Decorating the Backdrop

This set comes with a magnet set box to store your magnets when the play is over.

I think, it’s a great project for preschool and elementary school children as it gives the chance to develop their imagination and encourages creativity. This set is ideal to play in a group up to three people since there are three toys included. However, a child can stage the performance with several characters on his own just as well.

Alphabet Card Games

This is the educational part of the KiwiCo Box fun activities. You need the whiteboard you used to make the theatre screen, whiteboard marker and alphabet cards.

Alphabet Card Game

Playing alphabet card game is easier than ever. In fact, there are several ways to play it and you can come up with more ideas to play. The child can either pick a card and just write the same letter on the whiteboard, or after picking the card just name the object depicted on the other side of the card. Or he can grab the card, name the letter and say the word that begins with this letter.

KiwiCo Storytime Box Imagine

As usual, Imagine! magazine is included in every KiwiCo Koala Crate.

KiwiCo Storytime

This time the magazine is devoted to the art of storytelling and encourages kids to read more to learn more.

KiwiCo Art of Storytelling

Kids will learn about the story structure, that consists of 4 parts: beginning, middle, climax and ending. Also, Imagine! Magazine offers fun activities that help develop child’s acting skills.

KiwiCo Koala Library

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KiwiCo Storytime is always fun, engaging and educational. I’m glad that it contains not only fun stuff but also provides creative resources for learning alphabet and mastering the sounds. I definitely recommend this crafts box for preschool kids. My six-year-old son enjoyed it so much. And he loved educational part of the project too.