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Not everybody has heard of Harbor Freight discount store, but those who have, will agree that there is some love-hate relationship there. While the retailer doesn’t carry all the supplies needed for every DIY project, it does offer a great selection and prices for some stuff.

Whether you like this store or not, there is one thing for certain – you can still keep it on your list of favorites at least because of prices. To make it even sweeter, we have some shopping tips that you won’t hear from any employee:

1.    Does Harbor Freight have frequent sales?

Harbor Freight already has some of the best prices around, but they have even deeper discounts from time to time. For example, Parking Lot Sales is an event that takes place a few times per year and is really worth waiting for.

2.    Is it cheaper to buy from them then rent from
big box stores?

Harbor Freight is a great place for buying tools and equipment for your big projects. You can often buy brand new tools for cheaper than it would cost to rent beat-up equipment from other places, especially if you find something on sale and can use a coupon.


Harbor Freight 20off Coupon


3.    Does Harbor Freight participate in any social programs?

Yes, Harbor Freight gives back and works closely with local schools through their Harbor Freight Tools for Schools program, which offers skilled trade education for all grade students. The company also finances up to $1 million in grants to skilled trade teachers through Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence.

4.    Does Harbor Freight require a paid membership?

The answer is yes, but let us explain: you pay $30 per year, but you will get a $10 gift certificate every year and early access to sales, not to mention all the savings you will have thanks to low prices to begin with. You can also pay $45 for 2 years to lessen the burdain.

5.    What benefits can you get from HF catalogs and websites?

You can get many coupons and sales information from weekly flyers, but the company offers even more discounts on the website and through the catalog. If something is cheaper online than in your local store, Harbor Freight will price-match.


Harbor Freight 20OFF


6.    What is the best way to return merchandise to the store?

If you bought something online and are not entirely happy with it, don’t bother with cumbersome shipping back, but instead bring the item to your local store for free and without any hassle.

7.    Where can customers find Harbor Freight coupons?

Besides the weekly flyer and the catalog, look for coupons on coupon aggregation sites, especially when big shopping holidays draw close.


Harbor Freight Promotions:

  • 20% OFF Quality Tools
  • Up to 70% OFF Clearance Items
  • $40 OFF Predator 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator


Even if you have a coupon for Harbor Freight, check Lowe’s and Home Depot to make sure you are not overpaying. Having a coupon does not guarantee a best deal. Always do your research.

Get $20 OFF Your Order at Home Depot . Receive up to 75% OFF Clearance Items at Lowes.

8.    Can you get some stuff free?

Yes, as it turns out! Those items are free with purchase gifts, so they are not entirely free, but you get the idea – you still don’t have to pay for them. Good examples are paper towels or painter’s plastic.

When you have a free with purchase coupon, don’t just rush to buy whatever, but get something you really need and get it cheap. It can be something as small as a single utility knife for $0.50.

9.    What should you do if you forget a coupon at home?

If you get to the checkout only to realize that you forgot that coupon at home, don’t despair. You can grab your phone off your tool belt and text TOOLS to 222377 for 20% off instant coupon.

10.    How good is Harbor Freight clearance section?

This section has great deals and a huge variety of items, but those items are also up for negotiation. Yes, really! All those products are expected to be sold ASAP, and if you are buying more than one, you can definitely ask for additional discounts. Talk to the manager and you might be rewarded for your effort.


Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Automotive 2 ton compact trolley jack


11.    Do items get damaged pretty often?

Many items are shipped to the store and to your home from far away and are likely to get some dents and scratches. You should always check for such things as soon as you receive the package. If you notice something strange, return it right away.

12.    Where can you find user manuals and similar info?

First of all, all tools come with manuals, but if you lose or misplace them, you can always find scans online on the product pages.

What are some of the best items to buy at Harbor Freight?


Harbor Freight US General series 2 tool box


  • Tool Boxes and Chests – lots of sizes available, great quality, sturdy materials used
  • Clamps – many choices and different price points
  • Anti-Fatigue Foam Mats – these are water-proof and great for your back during long projects
  • Grinding and cut-off wheels – they are cheap and easily dispensable, especially when it comes to angle grinders and rotary discs
  • Chip brushes – they are designed to be thrown away and at this store they are priced accordingly
  • Wrench sets – Pittsburgh brand is the best value and quality combination that will last for a very long time
  • Airbrush and compressor kits – this tool is perfect for inexperienced DIY-ers who just want to learn the art of airbrushing and can do that perfectly with this kit that is ½ the price of big home improvement stores
  • Floor jacks – Harbor Freight beats competition with prices hands down. Pittsburgh is again the best value and price combination
  • Welding rigs – if you are not in welding career, you should definitely shop here for welding rigs and save significant amounts
  • Loaner tools – if you like DIY projects and have some tools, you can be certain that people will ask to borrow some of them. In these cases it’s always nice to have something cheap that can be dropped and damaged without a huge financial cost. HF is a perfect place for such tools
  • Corded reciprocating saws and blades – they don’t require precision, so get them here for little
  • Nitrile gloves – another item for everyday use and disposal
  • Deep-impact socket sets – great quality and value from Pittsburgh
  • Portable generator – solid products with gentle prices
  • Trailer hitch – lots of cheap options
  • Wet/dry vac – for clean ups and emergencies affordably
  • Safety glasses – low prices and safety first
  • Collapsible multi-task ladder – great affordable help
  • Kids project kits – great for generating interest and cheap enough to be broken without pain