Home Depot $20 OFF Coupon Codes | October 2022

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Home Depot Shopping Hacks. Secret Savings For Your Next Shopping Trip.

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When it comes to major projects for your next home improvement, you might be dreading all the bills and debating if it’s worth it all together. But you also might not be able to look at your old bath tiles for one more day!

If you decide to go ahead and start that long overdue project, Home Depot might become your second home for a while. They have just about everything you need, from paint to lumber, special tools, refrigerators, and everything in between.

Home Depot appliances refrigerators

While it’s definitely great that Home Depot has all that you need, the worrisome part is that all those supplies can cost, a lot. Before heading to the store next time, check out our tips for shopping smart and saving money:

Home Depot Bulk Price Savings

Free repairs

All tools get 90 day manufacturer warranty, but before going that route, bring the broken under-warranty tool back to Home Depot and get it fixed for free.

Home Depot Next Day Delivery

Return dead plants

Please don’t abuse this policy, but if you lack a green thumb and have a plant die in your yard or indoors, remove it from the ground and bring it back. It’s quite sweet to replace it with a brand new one. You can choose to get money back instead.

Home Depot Plants Garden Center

Shop online

If you live in a big city, you might know that prices in store are higher than online. That has to do with higher rent and living prices. Online prices are the same for all states, so you will be able to save and get everything shipped straight to your home.

Home Depot In Store Pick Up

Price match

Check out Home Depot competitor prices for particular items before heading to the store. If you find something cheaper at Lowe’s or Sears, bring a proof and you will get the same price + 10% off for your troubles.

Home Depot Lower Price Guaranteed

After purchase price adjustment

You can get price match for up to 10 days after your purchase, so keep an eye on the competitors.

Home Depot 25% OFF Discount

Buy scrap wood cheaper

If you need wood for small DIY projects, don’t rush to pay full price for it. Check the back of lumber section for scrap wood pieces that can be up to 80% off.

Floor models in August

Come August and Home Depot will be trying to get rid of all outdoors furniture, grills, gardening supplies, and other seasonal items. Some floor models can be had for 20% off.

Home Depot $60 OFF Discount

Holiday weekends paint discounts

Shop for paint during long holiday weekends, like Labor or Memorial Day and save up to $5 per gallon. This can amount to significant savings and you will have some good time allocated for the job on a long weekend like that.

Home Depot Paints for Sale

“Oops” paint bin

This is another way to get cheaper paint. There is nothing wrong with paint, just the color was not quite right for someone. Some of these cans can cost just $9, instead of $39.

Home Depot Paint Center

January-March season for bath and kitchen supplies

Kitchen and bath sale goes on for about two months giving you enough time to pick faucets, lighting, and many other items with over 40% savings.

Home Depot Kitchen Sink Faucets

End caps discounts

Clearance items are often located at the ends of certain isles. Think savings on light bulbs, wall hooks, frames, small tool accessories, and many similar items.

Home Depot Clearance

Special Buy of the Day

There is one special item every day that can be discounted up to 50%. This might be something you needed for a while or just a great deal on something you didn’t know you need. This special item ships for free.

Home Depot 30% OFF Discount

Understanding price tags

Understanding the meaning of price tags can help you squeeze in more savings. If the price ends with $0.06, the item will be further discounted in the near future. If it ends with $0.03, it will get down by another 3 cents before getting taken off the shelves all together. Buy it now!

Home Depot Special Buy Discount

Veteran’s discount

Active and retired military members get 10% off on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July. Just have your proof and enjoy the shopping spree.

home depot promotion

Discounts on damaged goods

Cosmetic damage doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with a product. A little scratch or a small dent might give you 10% off the price if you ask the cashier for it.

Home Depot $100 OFF Discount

Yellow ticket lighting items

Loot at yellow tickets attached to some lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. They are 50-80% off regular pricing and definitely worth of your attention.

Home Depot LED Bulbs

Garden Club

Home Depot Garden Club

It’s free to join and members get plenty of discounts and freebies at Home Depot’s Garden Club. You can get discounted pricing on seeds and plants and free samples from time to time.

Home Depot Plants Offer

Renting machines and tools

You might want to pressure wash your yard or deep clean your carpets, but don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on something use so seldom. Instead of buying, rent from Home Depot for just a fraction of price.

Free Water Testing Home Depot

Moving truck rental

Renting a truck from Home Depot can be a lot cheaper than renting it from anywhere else, especially when you are a military member, a student, or AAA members. They all get 10% on top of 20% discounted moving services for all truck renters.

Menards and Ace Hardware coupons

If you don’t have any Home Depot coupons, bring in or use electronic coupons from Menards and Ace Hardware.

Home Depot Sale Deals

Cash back apps

Shop at homedepot.com via cash back sites and get money back just for shopping. This gives really great savings on all bigger items, like appliances and power tools.

Home Depot 30% OFF Rebate