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How To Save at Lowe's. Proven Methods.

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Those of us, who have some extensive renovations or building projects, know very well how easy it is to spend thousands of dollars at home improvement stores like Lowe’s. But then there are also plenty of ways to save hundreds of dollars too, so don’t despair just yet. Even without shopping at clearance section you can save an average 5% off your purchases if you know how. Those ways are not very time-consuming and not hard to find.

Lowes Consumer Credit Card

Once you read our four tips for saving, you can try using them at Lowe’s competitors to get the same or similar benefits. We can’t guarantee you will succeed, but we know for sure they will work at Lowe’s.

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Coupons from eBay

This might sound strange, but yes, eBay has coupons. Most DIY people are actively looking for deals on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and eBay already. This, however, won’t bring you all you need for a building project, but might help significantly.

Once you exhaust this strategy, try looking for Lowe’s coupons on eBay.  Type “Lowe’s Coupons” on eBay and you will surely get a few results. You will see pictures of coupons to know what deal you are getting. Sometimes it can be something like five 15% off for just $30 or similar low prices.

Lowe's ebay Coupons

Make sure you are very careful with expiration date. Not only some of them might be expired, others might have very limited time before expiration and you might not be able to use them all, in which case that would be money wasted.

Most coupon codes are good only one time, so if the code is visible on a coupon, it might be used already by other browsers and so wouldn’t work for you. This is why most coupon codes and barcodes are hidden from the picture.

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Project Starter Coupons

All you have to do is contact Lowe’s customer care with a statement that you are about to embark on a home improvement project and would like to see if the store has any help to offer. This simple email or call can give you a Project Starter Coupon like $100 of $1000. Keep in mind that some of those coupons can have limitations, for example, store-only.

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Another shortcoming of this coupon is that is doesn’t have a long expiration date. You might have to use it within a month. But it’s free $100, so it shouldn’t be hard to use it in a month.

Different locations might have different offers for Project Starter coupons. The worst case is you won’t get anything and will have a bit of time wasted, but it never hurts to ask.

Online cash back portals

Since the beginning of this year, Lowe’s is no longer partnering with cash back portals like ebates.com or Giving Assistant, so you won’t get paid just to shop anymore.

That being said, Home Depot and other competitors are still accepting cash back sites, so consider shopping there instead if such offers help you a lot.

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Credit Card

While credit cards are always offered and heavily promoted, use them responsibly. All orders and purchases paid with Lowe’s credit card get 5% discount. When combined with a coupon, you lose those 5%.

The card is an added convenience tool and can help you keep track of all your purchases and total costs of the project. This is useful even if you don’t get the 5% off. It’s very hard to keep your financial expenses in order when you work on a large project, so anything helps.

Lowe's Credit Card Deal

If you are pretty good about keeping your money and credit cards in good standing, get this one, use it, but always pay it back at the end of the pay period.

In conclusion, those four methods are not hard and don’t require too much time, but definitely yield results. Any small help on a big project matters and is worth your time. The main thing is to find what works for you, what is the best store to buy from, create a savings plan, and stick to it.

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