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Shopping Tricks for Lowe's and Home Depot

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We all have to visit those two retailers from time to time whether we love small DIY projects, enjoy some gardening, or just need new light bulbs. Most of us also enjoy getting a few discounts whenever we can, and those two stores are ripe for that if you know what you are looking for.

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To help you out we came up with six useful tips that will definitely shave a few dollars off your bill here and there, so read on:

Do Home Depot and Lowe’s accept discounted gift cards?

Discounted Gift Cards

The answer is definitely yes! If you use such discounted gift cards, you can easily save up to 5% of face value before all the other discounts and sales are applied at the stores. There is absolutely no trouble getting quite significant savings like these.

Lowe's 5% OFF Discount

Do loyal customers get some perks?

Home Depot $100 OFF Rebate

People who sign up for loyalty programs definitely save more. You don’t have to shop a lot to benefit; you just have to show up. Members receive emails with valuable sales and special events information, promotion codes, useful tips about DIY projects, and advice from experts.

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See Lowe’s Coupons:

  • 15% OFF Select Items
  • Free Shipping on Orders of $49 or More
  • 75% OFF Clearance

Both retailers have newsletter emails that are free to sign up and offer discounts and advice. Finally, you will get a discount just for signing up, so give your email to Home Depot and save $5 on your next purchase.

Home Depot Bulk Price Savings

Do Home Depot and Lowe’s offer military discount?

Lowe's Appliance Sale

Yes, Lowe’s definitely does. If you or somebody in your immediate family is on active duty or retired military personnel, you can get up to 10% discount with that ID card. The discount applies on most items, but not on all, so check the eligibility before making a purchase.

Lowes Discount Offers

Do these retailers offer price matching?

If you do a little research and find a better deal, you can rest assured that both home improvement stores will do their best to match that price if you bring the proof. To get the best offer, always compare ads from competitors before heading to the store of your choice. This applies to physical and online competition.

Discounted Lights

Do you get discount for damaged packaging?

Lowe's and Home Depot Deals

Yes, most of the time you will get a discount, so always ask. If a box or a can is slightly damaged, it will be in the best interest of the store to get it off its shelves, so the management will be willing to offer you a discount. This is up to the local store, so you might not be treated the same everywhere. The worst thing that can happen to you is you will hear a “no”.

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You can Get Home Depot and Lowe’s Coupons when you buy a new home or change your address. Many people get those coupons but do not need them. So they sell them on ebay. It’s usually a good idea to check ebay for those Lowes Mover’s Coupons and Home Depot Mover’s Coupons.