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Grubhub+ Trainer Event with Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Grubhub+ Trainer Event

Grubhub is inviting its customers for a Special Weekend – an exclusive event for all Trainers with Pokémon GO account. To be eligible starting October 15th, participants have to already have an account or sign up for Grubhub+, which is a membership that opens doors to all kinds of deals from your beloved restaurants and favorite eateries.

All those new and existing members will get tickets to the event as long as they are Trainers and while tickets last. In addition to this event, Grubhub+ members will always get free food delivery, various promotions, and special deals.

All members can get one ticket per account through October 28th. Participants will be invited to enjoy Timed Research and meet a special Pokémon, which won’t be able to resist the Incense. All that fun will be happening on Sunday, November 8th 11am to 2pm. It doesn’t matter where in the US Trainers live, the event will be taking place on their local time. To get into this exclusive event, members will have to redeem their ticket and get an event badge in exchange.

This is what will be happening:

  • In order to get three Incense, all Trainers will have to complete Timed Research.
  • A Star Piece and 100 Charizard Mega Energy will also be awarded.
  • Special encounters with Spoink, Bronzor, Chansey, Mawile, and Sewaddle will be taking place during the event.
  • During the event Charizard, Squirtle, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Unown H, Unown G, Minccino, Patrat, Sableye, and Ferroseed will be attracted to Incense and show up. Some lucky people might even meet Shiny Ferroseed, but unfortunately not Shiny Unown.
  • All the Incense will last for one hour during the event.

If you are interested, please note that you have until October 28th to join and receive your designated ticket. You should submit your email to Special Weekend page as soon as possible and look out for Grubhub email in 48 hours. New Grubhub members should sign up for a trial. You can then expect tickets to be sent to you on November 4th via email.

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All existing Grubhub+ members are eligible for this event. The new ones can sign up for an account and will also get invited to a free 14-day trial. If you are an existing member, please don’t forget to send an email to Special Weekend event before October 28th and you will receive your ticket on November 4th. This promotion is for US only and only one code per Pokémon GO account can be received.

Grub Hub Greetings

Ticket holders can redeem them on the Niantic Redemption portal November 4th 10am to November 8th 2pm GMT -8 and even receive an exclusive medal. The promo code from the ticket can be redeemed on Pokémon GO Offer Redemption location.

Due to current health situation, Pokémon GO advises players to mind safety guidelines and allow for possible event changes. Please follow or subscribe to Pokemon GO social media or emails to receive all the latest information.

This special event is held in the United States for the first time and also gives a chance to try Grubhub+ totally free.

Keep in mind that becoming Grubhub+ member will enable you not only to get unlimited free deliveries, but also free food, exclusive event invitations, and donation matched by Grubhub should you choose to donate your change. There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain!