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Groupon vs Pmall. Pay up to 40% Less

Personalization Mall Backpack Deal

Since I am a big fan of personalized stuff, I often buy unique products and exclusive gifts to create memories that last for a lifetime. Naturally I am looking for ways to save and look for the best places to get personalized products online. For example, I often shop at Personalization Mall, but you can find some of Personalization Mall products offered for sale at Groupon at the cheaper price.

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Personalization Mall Kid's Aprons

A couple of days ago I was looking for personalized aprons for children for the cooking class and to my surprise I found out that Personalization Mall aprons are cheaper at Groupon than at the official website itself.

Personalization Mall Aprons

Using a Groupon coupon code Personalization Mall apron costs just $11.49 versus $18.69 of sales price at Personalization Mall. That’s very interesting!

Personalization Mall Backpacks

Now I’m going to check more products to make sure that all the products available at Groupon with the promotion are cheaper than the same products offered for sale at the original website. I checked backpacks at Groupon and, indeed, there is a Personalization Mall backpack with colorful ball appliques offered at the lowest price available – $17.99 after Groupon discount has been subtracted.

Personalization Mall Backpack Sale Price

It took me just several clicks to discover that the sales price of the same backpack is $25.99 at Personalization Mall.

Personalized Lunch Bag

When it comes to personalized lunch bags, they are offered at about 50% off at Groupon, for $12.99. Personalized snack bowls for kids can be purchased for as low as $9.99 at Groupon compared to its price of $18.69 at Personalization Mall.

Personalized Snack Bowls Price

Well, why should you order at Personalization Mall if you can find the same items even cheaper at Groupon? Of course, it’s best to save the most if you can. In case of Groupon to benefit from the deal you have to purchase Groupon voucher which is valid within 90 days.

Personalization Mall Order

How can you get the best price on Personalization Mall products at Groupon? First, make sure you put your voucher up with Groupon mobile app or just print the voucher. Visit the site to customize your product, then enter the coupon code you can see in the middle of your voucher and apply the coupon.

The biggest advantage of purchasing Personalization Mall products at Groupon is the lowest price possible. On the other hand, the selection of personalized products is very limited at Groupon, and you are supposed to use the voucher within 90 days. The problem is that it is easy to forget to use your voucher if you’ve bought it in advance to make a thoughtful gift for your family or your friends. I’ve got used to checking out Groupon from time to time to grab good deals I could use later. Once I even forgot to use it, I know, that’s too bad.

Summing up, I recommend checking out Groupon if the price is a key factor. Otherwise, visit Personalization Mall for a wider range of products and personalization options.

Personalization Mall Kid's Backpack