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Back to School with Personalized School Supplies

Back to school with Personalized School SuppliesBack to School Essentials from Personalization Mall

Starting school is always exciting but starting school in a new country is twice exciting, and even a little stressful. To ease the anxiety associated with adjusting to a new environment and add some bright moments my friend suggested surprising my kids with personalized school supplies. Personalized stuff always makes me feel special because it implies it has been designed exclusively for me. Besides having personalized school supplies is practical too as school children tend to lose pens and pencils, especially in the elementary school. When your stationary is personalized it is easier to find and return it to the owner.

Back to School Personalized DealsA Personalization Mall Box Just Delivered

This year my elder son is starting high school and the younger one will be going to elementary school. For the latter it is going to be the first year at school, so it is very important to make this event memorable and truly special. My first stop for all sorts of personalized products is Personalization Mall. I used to order various products from them in the past, so I remain their loyal customer and a big fan. I love the quality of the products they offer, the vast selection of gifts to choose from and fast shipping.

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Customized Backpack from PmallDinosaur School Backpak by Personalization Mall (front)

So, I ordered a customized backpack for the younger son with his name on it, a customized pencil case and a bunch of pencils. My order arrived in a week.

Customized Backpack from Personalization MallDinosaur School Backpack by Personalization Mall (back)

He is a big fan of dinosaurs and green is his favorite color, so I chose this cute backpack for him. It is not very big but lightweight and has plenty of room inside for notebooks and stationery. You can also order a lunch box of the same design to match the backpack.

Persobalized Pencil CaseA Pencil Case by Personalization Mall

The pencil case is of the blue color and has my son’s name printed all over it.

Customized Pencil CaseThe Pencil Case with Compartments by Personalization Mall

It has several sections for pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, and other school necessities.

Customized Pencils from Personalization MallPop color pencils by Personalization Mall

Speaking of pencils, they came in bright neon colors all bearing my son’s name with cute smiles).

Customized Navy Blue NotebooksNote Books by Personalization Mall

High school students need special attention too, so my elder son got two navy blue notebooks, one featuring his first name on the cover and the other with his last name. Even the teenager couldn’t restrain his happy smile when he received them.

Personalized Pencils from Personalization MallPlain Pencils by Personalization Mall

A set of signature pencils was also included.

The art of gift giving implies feeling happy when you reward other people, and the happier they become the more pleasure you get. My younger son jumped to his feet when he saw his backpack and other school supplies with his name on them. And now he is looking forward to starting school. The elder one also received the right dab of attention and was delighted to have personalized stuff for school too.

Of course, the easiest thing you can do is just go to the store like Walmart or Target and buy all school supplies there or order everything you need online. But if you take your time and order personalized products the happy eyes of your children will be thankful for your thoughtful gifts. They will say without extra words how much you care.