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Gardening Can Save You During Pandemic

Gardening Can Save You During Pandemic

People are looking for innovative ways to get food when a trip to a grocery store can be life threatening. The strongest grip of coronavirus is happening during spring, so naturally, many people are turning to their own backyards and balconies to see if they grow their own food.

Grow Lettuce During Pandemic

While you probably won’t feed a family of four from just your balcony, you can grow some lettuce and tomatoes easily.

Grow Own Tomatoes

Businesses that are really seeing some serious demand are seed producers and indoor gardening supply makers. Seed Service Exchange, which offers flower, veggie, and herb seeds, stopped taking new online orders at this time.

Burpee's Perennial Plants

The same is happening with Burpee Gardens, and they have been in business for over 100 years. This goes to show the scale of demand for plants these days.

Sweet Banana Pepper at Home Depot

The most popular seeds are vegetables, naturally. Flowers are nice, but they won’t feed all those hungry kids stuck at home. Seeds are flying off the shelves in Home Depots around the country and on Burpee.com just the same.

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Burpee's Fruit Plants

Farmshelf is a young startup, making vertical open air indoor towers for growing lettuce and herbs in water and nutrient solution instead of soil. They are currently enjoying 4 times bigger demand than anticipated.

Growing a Salad

Most people start gardening as a way of coping more than hoping to grow enough food to live on. 

Great Time to Start a Garden

Watching plants grow as a result of your own hard work can be very calming and satisfying.

Bupree Plants

Citizens of 65 and older are especially taking interest in high quality food and in finding fewer reasons to go out.

gardening during COVID

Not all of us know how to plant a cucumber, but there is help. Oregon State University, for example, is offering free Master Gardener program online through the month of April. This program has seen 25,000 shares on Facebook so far!

Gardening During COVID Pandemic

As people are losing income, it’s getting harder for many families to get food and Food banks are not only seeing increase in demand, but experiencing shortage in supply.

Growing Parsley during Pandemic

Over 37 million people have been affected by food crisis in our country last year, and this number has nothing to do with COVID-19 problems, so imagine what is going to happen in the future.

Growing Parsley

Many Americans will try to solve food problems by planting seeds in garden beds.

Planting Seeds in Garden Beds

Others will buy Farmshelf’s 6-foot tall towers and grow up to 10 pounds of leafy vegetables and herbs each week. Third kind will possibly trade with neighbors or try to meet local farmers.

Watching plants grow

Whether you believe in your ability to feed your family with a garden bed or not, putting your fingers in dirt can provide a welcome distraction from the constant feed of sad news. Martha Stewart has been working her green thumb on Instagram, and so can you. If nothing else, your kids will at least know where vegetables come from.

Bupree Discounts

Celebrities, from Elizabeth Olsen to Chrissy Teigen, are growing their own crops, educating their followers, or asking for trades of fresh produce, from a respectable 6-foot distance, of course.

Urban Vegetable Gardening

Whatever you choose to do, try to get outside and plant something, especially after a stressful meeting or bad day.

Bupree Figs

It has been proven that gardening reduces cortisol and can help you relax and sleep better.

Bupree Flowers

Waving with a shovel for a few hours per week is a good exercise not only for mind, but body too.

Coronavirus Gardening

Happy gardening!