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Personal Saving at Publix Experience

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Publix is usually my go to destination for all my grocery needs. I love the store because it is always clean, well-organized, staff is always friendly, and the store is not too large. It just feels homey and cozy.

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I am a creature of habit and when I fall in love with one place it’s hard for me to switch to something else. I don’t even go to different Publix stores; I am always faithful to one location and that location only. I guess it’s the comfort of knowing where everything is and what time of the day I can get our beloved warm sourdough bread that my kids can’t live without.

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Even during the outbreak of corona virus and the resulting panic shopping, Publix remains sane and is handling crazy shoppers with dignity. I stocked up as much as I could beforehand, but we still make one trip per week for fresh bread, produce, and dairy products.

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Publix employees always greet me with a smile, wipe my cart with disinfecting solution, and even offer a hand with a cart after checking out. Yes, they are out of many cleaning supplies and paper products now, but it’s the same everywhere you go.

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All in all, Publix is my main grocery store for the reasons above. I go to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, international farmers market, and Costco for some particular products, but about once per month at best.

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I have read that Publix is considered a bit more expensive than Target and Kroger, but I have never found that to be true. Target doesn’t have enough fresh produce for my liking and Kroger has never rubbed me the right way, even if their canned tomatoes are $0.03 cheaper than at Publix.

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I love savings as much as the next person and Publix definitely has plenty of ways to save. First of all you have a weekly flyer with current discounts and promotions. While the flyer is very popular and has a great deal of discounts, I don’t always use it. I like shopping for particular brands and it’s usually faster just to go straight to them rather than walking through the store looking at the sales magazine.

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It’s my personal thing though, but I see lots of people using the weekly ad all the time. Publix employees are so nice that even without the printed ad they often give me the posted discounts at the checkout. Weekly ad can be found at and at the entrance to every store.

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Various specials and coupons are always displayed next to the products on the shelves, so I can find them even without the flyer. For example, there are bins with Buy One, Get One Free items all over the store. And you don’t have to buy two of them to get the discounted price.

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Organic yogurt and Green Wise organic milk are often on sale and I can find that information right next to those products. Organic milk is usually $5.99 per gallon, but sometimes it’s $3.99 and those are the times when I stock up. The same goes for my favorite organic eggs, kids’ yogurt, bagels, pasta, oil, and so much more.

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Another way to save at Publix is manufacturer coupons. I never look for them in advance, but I often find them attached to the products I need and use them while checking out.

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Publix offers coupons based on individual stores and you can see the offers for your closest location on before you go shopping. All the BOGO deals are also listed online, so you know the best deals that appeal to you.

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I love the fact that Publix doesn’t have a club card that offers savings to some customers, but not to all. They believe that savings should be displayed and available to all who walk in the store. I don’t shop at Kroger, but have done it while on vacation somewhere and felt alienated each time while checking out because I didn’t have their card. Publix strives to make everybody welcome and offers the same savings to all.

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There are plenty of savings tools online at

  • Printable coupons
  • Savings FAQ – coupon policies and ways to save
  • Shopping lists
  • Coupon savings helper – coupons at Publix near you
  • Weekly ad accessibility – local ads
  • Coupon help

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There is also a Publix app, which offers a convenient way to shop by creating shopping list, scanning bar codes, and ordering grocery delivery or curbside pickup. You can also see special deals and coupon codes on the app, but it serves mainly as a time saving tool.

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Publix offers grocery delivery via Instacart to your home or for curbside pickup.

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At the end of the day, even without coupons Publix offers prices that are very compatible and sometimes lower on average than the likes of Kroger and Target. For me the quality of service and the atmosphere of the store are of equal importance. I think I am going to remain a Publix kind of girl forever.