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Most of us understand the draw and the hold Costco has on people. It’s those huge packages, good prices, free samples, and that rotisserie chicken that has us coming back for more. There is one obstacle though – you need to have a membership to shop there. You can also tag along a friend, who is a member, but how convenient is that?

The best solution for this Costco shopping problem is Instacart. Yes, the company can and will go to Costco for you. They will cover the membership for you and deliver all for just $5.99 delivery fee. This small fee can get you those Margaritas, huge bottles of conditioner, and boxes of fruit to keep you at home and happy during the COVID-19 pandemic. No promise on paper products though, as all grocers are still struggling to get those supplies in stores.

Instacart is not available everywhere, but it is working in all major metropolitan areas. If you live where it is available, there are still a few things to keep in mind. While the $5.99 fee is not a very big deal, if you desire to shop at Costco once a month or more often, it will add up, so getting Costco membership will make a better financial sense. Costco membership is $55 per year, thus spending over $366 per year will justify your membership completely. $366 is what you need to spend to have your 2% cash back cover the $55 membership fee.

Costco Membership Promo

Instacart is also charging 15% on store prices, at least on some items, so you have to calculate that in as well. Given all this info, if you just want to buy something at Costco once in 6 months, Instacart might be a good option. Otherwise, get the membership. Trust us – it’s hard to leave Costco without spending $300 each time, let alone per year.

Instacart is offering membership too for $149 year. This would give you free deliveries, but they will still charge 15% extra for some products. This option is great for some people who live alone, in small places without much storage space, and want to load up on non-perishables just a few times a year, without worrying about paying Costco membership.

If you are interested in Instacart delivery from Costco, here are a few useful facts:

  • Due to corona virus outbreak and current customer shopping tendencies, some things at Costco are not available or available with limited quantities, such as paper towels and toilet paper. The best thing you can do is keep checking online availability at Instacart or visit your local warehouse.
  • Some people are having problems selecting a date for delivery. This is due to the shortage of personal shoppers in your area, thanks to extremely high demand. Instacart is hiring new associates and personal shoppers, so expect those issues be gone as time goes on.
  • Another issue some customers might experience is orders started and cancelled. This might happen if your personal shopper starts shopping and sees that most of the items are not available, causing the entire order to be cancelled. To avoid this try to schedule delivery as close to order placing as possible.

Costco Coupon

  • You can contact Instacart 24/7 online or over the phone at 1-888-246-7822.
  • Costco same-day delivery is available in most urban areas. Once you open Costco Same-Day Delivery tab, enter your zip code, and you will see your eligibility. The list of fresh produce will be displayed for your area. If you are not eligible, you might still get 2-day delivery of non-perishable items.
  • If you are eligible for same-day delivery, you will get your order in one hour window on that day, next day, or whatever day you choose.
  • Your Instacart delivery minimum is $35.
  • Your executive reward of 2% cash back from Costco will still count when getting Instacart delivery from Costco. If you choose to pay with Costco Anywhere Visa Card by City, you will get extra 2%. All of that is before the Instacart mark ups and delivery fees are added.

Costco Delivery

  • Keep in mind that you will pay higher price if you are not Costco member and will have to shop through Instacat website, and not through
  • and Costco Same-Day delivery are two different carts, so you won’t be able to purchase items in both of them at the same time.
  • Don’t get concerned if you see a higher charge from Instacart than the order total. The company puts a temporary extra charge to accommodate for possible substitutions or extras, but will adjust the price after the transaction and delivery.
  • Finally, you might see a temporary hold on your account that will say ‘pending’. After your credit card will be charged the exact amount of the purchase, this hold will be gone within a day or two.