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LEGO Store Savings Tips – Maximize Your Savings on Lego Sets

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For many kids LEGO is the most coveted gift but it is not cheap. These little building blocks are not only fun to build and play with but are also extremely educational and help develop such useful skills as persistence, creativity, fine motor skills, cooperative play and more. Children can spend hours playing with LEGO sets, and with so many themes and styles available each parent is sure to find the toy a child will be happy to get. So if you are looking for LEGO this holiday season you should know the 7 hacks that will help you save big on LEGO items.

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1. Shop the Pick & Build Wall

If you are lucky enough to live not far from a LEGO store and your kid is new to collecting LEGO, we recommend checking their in-store Pick & Build wall offers. There you will find a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors of LEGO bricks offered for sale at bulk prices. Customers can purchase a large cup-full for $15.99 or a small cup-full for $8.99.

Lego pick and build wall

Tip: To get the most value for your money when you buy your Pick-a-Brick cup consider filling the small rim at the bottom of the cup with the smallest pieces, then place the larger pieces on top and add smaller pieces again. This way you will get more LEGO pieces for the fixed price. If there is some place left you can even add the tiniest LEGO pieces on top and shake the cup a little so they fill the crevices and you get as many pieces as possible.

2. Get Free LEGO Mini Building Sets

Local LEGO stores regularly run different events for children and each VIP customer participating in the event receives a free Monthly Mini Model Build. Signing up is absolutely free, but if you plan on attending the particular event make sure you sign up or register your VIP card minimum several days before the event.

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3. Join the Free VIP Loyalty Program

If you often purchase LEGO construction sets you might want to join a Free LEGO VIP Loyalty Program. It is a great opportunity to earn rewards for every dollar spent in LEGO store. Members of the Free LEGO VIP Loyalty Program earn 1 VIP point for every $1 spent. When you accumulate 100 VIP points you get a $5 VIP reward, plus members will enjoy access to exclusive gifts and special offers, member-only LEGO Store events, and more!

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4. Order the Free LEGO Club Magazine

If your child is a real fan of LEGO he will be happy to receive LEGO Magazine. Subscribing to LEGO Magazine is free and the parent can even get free subscriptions for each child (age 5-9 years) in the family. The magazine is released 6 times a year and each issue comes with comic adventures, games, puzzles, and more. Sometimes the magazines may feature coupons that can be used in local LEGO stores.

Free LEO Life Magazine Subscription

5. Shop the Online & In-Store LEGO Sales

From time to time you may find great deals on LEGO items at, Amazon and eBay. During the holidays these online store typically offer big discounts on LEGO buckets, bulk pieces and sets.

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Also, we recommend checking Clearance section for LEGO deals at your local Walmart store! Another store to check for clearance toys, including LEGO items is Barnes and Noble. Last year during Red Dot Clearance Event you could find select LEGO Creator sets and LEGO Chima sets for only $2 each! Target is also known for their great Black Friday sale on toys as well as in-store Toy Clearance Events held in January and July.

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It is the time to look for awesome bargains on LEGO sets, and more. In addition, the store may occasionally allow customers to stack rare LEGO Target Cartwheel offers with store coupons to maximize the amount of savings. By the way, Target is believed to reduce the price on their toys on Thursdays.

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6. Check Clearance Deals Before Visiting the Store

If you’ve seen a promotion that Target or Walmart are offering some LEGO Clearance items make sure you check whether your local store has these items available before heading to the store. You will save your time and a great deal of disappointment for your kids if you first check the inventory at your local store. 

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7. Shop the Thrift Stores

Your local thrift store and yard sales are excellent places to look for cheap secondhand sets and miscellaneous LEGO pieces. If you decide to buy some pre-owned LEGO pieces or sets, consider sanitizing the pieces before giving them to your child to play with. All you need to do is just put the pieces into a sink with hot, soapy water.

Box With LEGO Bricks

In case you just need to replace several missing pieces from different LEGO sets purchased before, you can purchase individual LEGO bricks, elements or minifigure pieces at

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