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Coding with Coding Critters from Learning Resources

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Technology is everything these days, has been for a while, and will continue to be the power for our way of life in the future. Take current corona pandemic and you will see how important technology is – from online ordering to digital learning. That isn’t going to change; instead our dependence on technology is only going to increase. Experts say that we might never get back to our usual ways of shopping after this is over. So there is definitely no surprise that as many as 70% of parents feel that their kids should start learning coding before they start going to school.

Learning Resources is a company that caters to that need and offers screen-free coding for kids as little as 5 years of age. Last year Learning Resources established its coding robot Botley, which not only became a symbol of screen-free early coding, but won 13 awards and became a toy of the year in innovation category. From parent magazines to TV morning shows, people loved Botley.

This year Learning Resources is going even further trying to reach even younger kids at a tender age of 4. Meet the Coding Critters – 3 pets that are interactive, totally cute, and allow for some coding through play and good time. The Coding Critters are available for purchase since June 2019 for those who are interested.

Young kids can learn coding easily and it will come natural to them later in life, kind of like it is with multiple languages. The longer you wait to introduce kids to coding, the more difficult it’ll be. Preschoolers are not very likely to embrace sitting at the computer and thinking about coding, but give them a cute toy, and they won’t mind discovering sequential logic and critical thinking through play. You can consider Coding Critters a first step, a foundation for future coding skills that will no doubt continue developing.

How do Coding Critters work?

First, what are they? Kids can choose from puppies Ranger and Zip, kitties Scamper and Sneaker, and dinosaurs Rumble and Bumble. All of them are interactive and totally screen-free, making many moms happy.

Each pet comes with a story, so coding while following that story helps kids stay engaged. They also use their imagination and improve fine motor skills.

Coding Critters offer some games to play – kids can program them to fetch, play hide and seek, and more. The toys don’t require any putting together, kids can use them right out of the box, but at the same time they grow together with kids and their expanding minds.

The pets need to be fed, petted, cuddled with, and taken care of, so some real life lessons are taking place there. Kids enjoy sounds and motions that help them bond with Coding Critters.

The most important thing is that kids get to learn some STEM concepts, use logic, and solve problems. Most 4-year olds can use the pets and have fun. The Coding Critters cost about $40 and come with 13-piece activity set. All animals can be purchased at Learning Resources website.