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Dog Mom Box March 2020 CouponSpring Dog Mom box has finally arrived

Ever since I tried my first beauty subscription box, I have been addicted. I like beauty boxes, fashion boxes, boxes for kids, food boxes, and boxes for dogs. Yes, my German shepherd Oska is quite spoiled and deep inside she knows that UPS man in brown is usually a good sign, but still barks. It’s all because she is a good dog and good dogs need to be rewarded.

Dog Mom Box 2020 Deals

I am a good dog mom, so I also need to be celebrated somehow. Given all this goodness, I was wondering if there can be something for both of us, together. We are best friends after all and it would be lovely to share something. This is when I discovered that there is, in fact, a box for a dog and its mom. It’s called Dog Mom Box!

Dog Mom Box March 2020 CouponA lot of goodies are included in March Dog Mom box

I simply had to try it for myself, so I went to their website and looked around. I read that each box comes with 2-4 items for Oska and 2-4 items for me. These are monthly boxes and that means loads of fun pretty often. When it comes to price, a box for one dog and one hooman is $37.99, one hooman and two dogs – $55.99, and one hooman and three dogs – $69.99. While it’s all not cheap, the first box is 50% off, so I got ours for just $19. I will also try to look for coupons and occasional discounts if I will order from them again. Most subscription companies offer some discount if you choose a few month plan, not just pay on a monthly basis. I will have to look into that too.

Dog Mom Box ReviewDog Mom Box has something for us and for our furry friends

Every box is shipped before 4th of each month, so we kind of knew when to expect our box. It’s always exciting to try new products, especially when you can share this excitement with your best furry friend.

When our March 2020 box finally arrived, we took some time to sit down and open the box as a family, with Oska directing the whole process. She reached for treat bag and her toy right away as any seasoned gift opener would. So we let her have her goodies first. This is what she received:

  • An adorable squeezable baby sloth hugging an apple. It’s so cute that my younger son wanted it for himself. Unfortunately the sloth won’t live very long in this house as Oska is known to be a perfect hunter and killer of cute plush toys that squeak.

Dog Mom Box Turkey ChewsTasty delights from Dog Mom Box

  • She looked positively in love with a package of Turkey Chews and got to try quite a few on that day. When I read the contents, I decided that I would probably eat that too – turkey, chickpeas, coconut glycerin, potato flour, flaxseed, honey, canola oil, cranberries, carrots, and turmeric. It has no grain and definitely tastes delicious. The bag had to be taken away pretty soon if we wanted to save some for later.
  • Her final item was a bully stick. It smelled very good too, but after all the consumed treats this stick was saved for later.

Now it was my turn:

  • Dog tote – the tote is black and says ‘DOGS DOGS DOGS is various color letters. It’s big enough for groceries, looks sturdy, and definitely announces in bold that I have a furry kid at home. I can see myself using it a lot!

Dog Mom Box Dog ToteEverything for dogs and about dogs

  • Dog Mom car coasters – I have never even thought about using something like that, but it totally makes sense, because otherwise the places where the cups go become wet and dirty pretty fast. I will use the coasters and think of Oska every time, because it says “I Just Want To Be A Stay At Home Dog Mom”.

Dog Mom Box 20OFFOska is happy to get her Dog Mom Box

  • My final item was a Dog Mom sticker. While it’s cute and all, I don’t see myself using it on anything significant. I can definitely live without it, but since I got it, I might put it on my water bottle, which I take for our walks with Oska.

There was also a Thank You note and encouragement to follow the company on social media. It also said that every box they sell helps a dog in need.

Dog Mom Box CouponsDog Mom Box is a very polite service

All in all, I was happy with the box, but Oska was even more so. While she enjoyed all her three items, I liked only two of mine and didn’t care that much for the sticker. We are going to order one more box to see if our impression doesn’t change before deciding if we want to become long-term members.