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CauseBox Fall 2020 Honest Review

CauseBox Fall 2020 Promo

My sister and I live on opposite coasts, but we find ways to stay connected all the time. CauseBox subscription is just one of the ways and one small reason to stay in touch. We are subscribing to the same box, but slightly different service. I always order seasonal boxes and she signed up for an annual delivery.

Causebox Fall 2020 Seasonal

Once we get our boxes, we enjoy comparing them. She usually gets hers a bit earlier, but when I get mine, we get on facetime and discuss all the goodies.

CauseBox Fall 2020 Deals

My sister has been into clean living and natural products for a while and I am only trying to catch up to her, so this box is great for me. CauseBox focuses on renewable materials and other ways to be less wasteful and more environmentally responsible. The company also features artists from around the world, highlights positive stories, and showcases the impact women owned business are making in our society. Trying such items and reading such stories always encourages me to do better and try more with my own consumption.

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CauseBox arrives seasonally and costs $54, but you can save $20 per year by ordering yearly subscription, which comes to $49.95 per box. Each box has 6-8 full size items and no nonsense. The value of all items together greatly exceeds the cost and that makes me very happy.

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CauseBox fall 2020 Coupon

I don’t have to do anything to get amazing beauty, skin care, hair, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle items right to my door in a beautiful box that is also full of love and support for women around the world.

CauseBox Fall 2020 Box

I always start my box opening journey with a magazine, where I find not only information about all products included, but also stories about people behind them. This time I read about Community Contributors, Cynthia Kittler, the artist behind the box, three women who created the cotton towels with the help of women in Panipat, India. Then there is an article about The Female Lead, because CauseBox artisan teams are 100% led by women, shifting economic balance and family roles. At the end of the magazine each product is described in detail and finally, members get exclusive discounts for various featured brands.

This is what I received in my Fall box:

Waffle Towel Set in mint – $90

Bathen Waffle Bathrobe in Charcoal

This set is valued at almost double what the entire box costs, so there, mic drop. The waffle pattern is beautiful and so is the color. Towels are very thin and all natural – perfect for taking along on trips, when space is really important, and just as perfect for home use. I love that they are 100% cotton and handmade!

Artisan Direct Milky Way Lantern – $40

CauseBox Milky Way Lantern

As fall nights are getting longer, I need more candles in my life.

Artisan Direct Milky Way Lantern

This handmade in India lantern is beautiful and full of stars. It requires just one tea candle for some serious Zen mood inside or outside.

Volim Love Scrub – $56

Volim Love Scrub

I was just running out of a scrub I currently use, so CauseBox is right on time with its exfoliating scrub. It feels very gentle, but leaves my skin glowing and fresh. I imagine this can be used every day on every skin type.

Buzzy Seeds Basil Growing Kit – $10

Buzzy Seeds Basil Growing Kit

I never have a lot of success with basil growing, so all my hopes are on this kit now. I am starting it today and will be ready to make some fresh basil, tomato, and mozzarella snacks in no time. It looks very easy and can be grown inside or outside.

Core Bamboo Serve Set – $35

Core Bamboo Serve Set

This set comes with a bamboo board, tongues, and spatula. Bamboo is the most renewable material in the world, so I will be using this set guilt-free. It’s great for preparation and beautiful for serving.

Way of Will Brightening Face Serum – $37.50

Way Of Will Brightening Face Serum

Who wouldn’t need vitamin A and C serum in the fall? It brightens the skin and protects it from sun. It also reduces wrinkles with increased collagen production and evens skin tone. The serum is made with no harmful chemicals, but with plenty of natural essential oils.

The value of my box is $268.50 and I am definitely not complaining. It looks like I will using all the products I got, so the value is real for me. Looking forward to my Winter box already!