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Egyptian Magic Cream CouponEgyptian Magic cream is truly magical/20off.com

We have to agree that celebrities look fresh, youthful, and glowing, most of the time anyway, when they are not caught exiting those Oscars pre-parties at 4 am. Looking at flawless magazine photos we immediately think about the thousands of dollars they get to spend on cosmetics, fancy creams, serums, and plastic surgery.

Celebrity Cream Walmart CouponWalmart offers Egyptian Magic cream for all

It turns out not everything that’s good for celebrities, has to be costly. Some things can be very affordable and totally accessible to you. You will be surprised, but such stars as Eva Mendez, Ashley Benson, and Kate Hudson are swearing by Egyptian Magic cream that is less than $5 at Walmart. Besides being affordable, the cream is truly universal and can be used anywhere on your body. It has potent moisturizing qualities, which are so terribly needed in winter, like right now.

Walmart Beauty DiscountsWalmart is a perfect place for your daily needs

$4.22 at Walmart will get you a small version of this cream container, so you can try Egyptian Magic without shelling out a lot at one time and see if it works for you.

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Egyptian Magic Cream Walmart CouponSkincare from Egyptian Magic is affordable at Walmart

The cream works for red carpet beauties because it is all natural and contains only olive oil, beeswax, honey, and royal jelly. You will not find any chemicals, additives or parabens in the cream. The pure ingredients are gentle to your skin while healing it without any irritations. You might not believe it, but the makers of the cream state that the formula is exactly what ancient Egyptians used and what can still be found in the pharaoh tombs.

Egyptian Magic Cream IngredientsAn ancient secret for modern needs from Walmart

People swear that the cream really works and addresses many problematic skin areas, such as dry lips, wrinkles around the eyes, neck, dry facial skin, elbows, knees, chest, back, and legs.

Egyptian Magic DescriptionTry Egyptian Magic and you will be surprised by the results

Kate Hudson and Lauren Conrad both mentioned in interviews that they are big fans of the cream and use it daily to look their best on and off the red carpet.

Kate Hudson is known for her simple outlook on life and carefree persona, so what works for her, might really work for all of us simple humans. She makes her own creams, instead of going to expensive spas she soaks in a spring, and her skin care cream can be sold at Walmart for just $5! I think I can say that many of us trust her opinion about beauty products and thus should pay attention to Egyptian Magic cream. It’s nothing like those $$$ skincare products you could find on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, but it works just like intended, like magic.

Celebrity Cream CouponOska can smell the goodness that is Egyptian Magic cream

Larger sizes of Egyptian Magic cream are also available at Walmart for $13 and $35. We suggest buying a small inexpensive container first and giving it a try. If it works as good as expected, go for more and put your glow on. Look out for sales too as Walmart is known to often have them, in addition to already low everyday prices.