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Best Dog Collars for Valentine's Day

Best Dog Collar

New Year’s Celebration is over and Valentine’s Day is rushing in fast, however unbelievable it feels. The day of love has become dedicated to pets almost as much as to humans. Our four-legged love bugs deserve all the feelings and attention, especially since they have to work extra hard entertaining us at home during the non-ending pandemic and work from home. Life is not easy for them and that’s why we should have special gifts coming their way.

While treats and toys are great, getting a nice collar for a dog is even more meaningful and definitely longer lasting. And who says a fancy dog can’t wear a festive collar with hearts way past Valentine’s Day?

Dog Collars for Valentine’s Day

Take a look at these amazing offers from some of our favorite places and get on ordering right away:

Yellow Dog Design Be Mine Valentine’s Dog Collar – from Chewy

This collar is definitely very much Valentine with cute cupids, hearts, and pink bubble letters. It won’t wash off or fade, so get it and decorate your pup with it all the way through February 14th.

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OmniPet Signature Leather Heart Dog Collar – $12.99 at Chewy

The collar is made of leather, so it’ll last forever. You can get it in red, pink, and a few other colors. Every collar comes with attached nickel hearts that can be worn every day of the year.

Native Pup Heart Dog Collar – $9.99 at Amazon

This polyester collar can be had in every size under the sun and will make any dog look deliciously cute. It has candy hearts all over and will work for weddings, Valentine’s Days, and beyond.

Red Dingo Love Dog Collar – available at Chewy.com

The collar is made in Australia and comes in many sizes, so every pup can enjoy this pink nylon creation with hearts, bone-shaped buckle, and stainless steel ring that will last forever.

Country Book Petz Martingale Dog Collar – $11.95 on Amazon

Heart design is not the only way you can have this collar – you can choose from several patterns with hearts, roses, and cartoon animals. The collar is buckle-free and will definitely withstand daily usage for months if not years.

Frisco Gradient Hearts Dog Collar – $9.99 at Chewy.com

The collar sports tiny hearts all over it, making a cool gradient that will look good way past Valentine’s Day. Each size is adjustable, so it can serve you for a long time and grow together with your best friend.

W&Z Valentine’s Day Dog Collar – from Amazon

This collar is not all red and pink – light blue base is refreshing, but you will still have soft pastel hearts stamped on it for the mood. It comes in three sizes and also has pink version for those who just have to have pink.

Tail Trends Valentine’s Day Dog Bandana – $8.88 on Amazon

Some pups are too cool for collars and wear bandanas, and this cute creation is a perfect solution for such fashion forward pets. It comes in a few different designs for medium and large breeds.

Blueberry Pet Bow and Heart Dog Collar – $20.99 on Amazon

If you feel that your dog would enjoy showing off, this accessory is definitely it. It comes with aqua colored bow that can be attached to the red collar with small aqua colored hearts. The reverse color combination is also available. You can get this beauty in three sizes.

FriendshipCollar Puppy Love Dog Collar with Bracelet – $35

This exclusive product is premium for sure. It is made of pink vegan leather and is adorned with little gold hearts. The human bracelet is identical and perfect for display of love that never ends.

USP Bowtie Dog Collar – $16.99 on Amazon

Last, but not least, we have a bowtie collar for a dog that never dresses down. This black and red collar is made of cotton and includes heavy duty hardware to make sure the fancy pup never gets lost. It comes in 6 sizes and can be enjoyed long beyond Valentine’s Day.