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Best Back-to-School Deals. Where to Hunt for Them Now

Backpacks Deals at Macys


Summer heat is still here, but schools will come calling your kids’ names soon enough. Come August and parents embark on one of the biggest shopping sprees that produce new backpacks, clothing, shoes, and stationary to start the new school year in style. An average household spends about $510 per child, totaling close to $30 billion in consumer dollars overall.


20% OFF Back to School SaleGreat discounts on school supplies can be found in August-September


Some of the biggest summer shopping holidays are already in the past, including Memorial Day and Amazon Prime, but the third, Back to School is no less important for customers and merchants alike. Deals continue to come up, with the peak expected during the Labor Day weekend.


Go Back Big SaleEverything you need for school can buy at a discounted price


While many deals are already available and price comparison is encouraged, the general rule is that the closer you get to the beginning of school, the more deals you will be able to catch. Sizes and inventory might be reduced by then, but sales are often worth the risk.


Back to School RollbacksEvery day, discounts on thousands of school products


Read on to find out what do experts recommend and how to navigate the jungle that back-to-school shopping really is.


Back to School SuppliesMaterials and tools for many types of arts and crafts


What are best shopping strategies?

The best way to approach B2S shopping is to view it the same way you view Black Friday shopping – come prepared. If you want to win at shopping, you should have a budget and stick to it, compare prices, and shop around.


Childrens Books DealsBooks develop creative thinking


If you have a tight budget, spread it out and don’t let it hit you all at once. Also before leaving the house with your shopping list you should know your inventory at home. Don’t take little kids with you if you don’t need any side money-spending distractions.


Back to School - Go Back in StyleSchool essential supplies


Where will you get the best ads?

Back to School Walmart discountStores not only offer online ads


Sunday papers might be a thing of the past, except when it comes to B2S shopping. Online ads and in-app deals are not as good as old-fashioned ad ads. Stores like Target, Walmart, and Dollar Store will definitely have great coupons for clipping.


Target Back to School SaleLow price on Cat & Jack Kids’ Clothing


Should you shop around?

Absolutely! One store might have good deals and convenience, but you will get more bang for your money if you will spread your spending between Target, Walmart, Staples, and the closest dollar store. You should also visit clearance sections and get discounted summer clothing that will still be perfect all the way through October in some states.


School Supplies - WalmartA wide range of stationery supplies for school


What items are discounted the most during B2S sales?

  • Sneakers – Academy, Dick’s, and many other stores have 50% off


Dick's Sneakears SaleSports footwear for school


  • Student tech gearApple, Amazon, Best Buy, and  will have discounts on laptops and headphones. You should compare computer capacities and online vs in-store prices. Pay extra attention to last year’s models for the best deals.

Best Buy Student Tech GearAlienware is known for its gaming laptops


  • Binders and office supplies – all stationary products see great discounts in August, so offices and business owners can take advantage too, not just students. Check out Office Depot, OfficeMax, and your local dollar stores for B2S treasures.


Back to School Office Supplies B2S offers discounts not only for school


What items you should not get at this time?

  • Backpacks and lunchboxes – these are your pricier items and the main money makers for merchants, so wait if you can and snag them at clearance prices a week into the school year. Keep in mind that all the stock will be pretty picked out by then, so you should not be picky.


Macy's Backpacks SaleBackpacks & lunch bags for school


  • Fall clothing – fall and winter wardrobe will be on sale at the end of October, just in time for cooler weather, so shop for those fashion items then and get deep discounts. Shop at Macy’s, Sears, and Old Navy, among others, for great choices and prices.


Walmart Back to School SaleHurry up to buy kids’ clothes at the best prices


  • Non-urgent student tech gear – if you have to have a new computer right now, fine, the deals are not too bad, but if you can wait a bit, do that. The new stocks arrive just in time for the holidays and the older models see the greatest discounts in October and September. Always do price comparison when shopping for electronics.


Back to School Computers DealsCell phones, computers, and portable electronics at the best prices


  • Calculators – those see best discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Back to School Tech DealsCalculators at the best prices


What other advice can you use for B2S shopping?

Don’t buy a brand new computer if you don’t have to, and we are not talking about used and banged up. Just look at some refurbished models and you will see that they are as good as new, minus full price.

If you live in a state that participates in tax-free days, definitely take advantage of it. If you are in Texas, Maryland, or Connecticut in August, shop for clothing, footwear, and school supplies during tax-free days.

Let’s take a look at some discounts available for different items at different stores throughout the summer:


Backpack deals

Backpacks for SchoolKipling backacks


  • Amazon – 30% off select backpacks
  • Kohl’s – 70% designer backpacks


Walmart Backpacks OffersBright backpacks



Cute Backpacks at WalmartStylish backpacks



  • American Eagle – 25% off jeans
  • Gap – 40-50% off sale


Gap Kids 70% OFF SaleGAP merchandise on sale


  • Land’s End – 40% off
  • Old Navy – $30 Score sneakers
  • New Balance – $5.50 clothing items


Computers and electronics

Back to School Laptop SaleMacBook Pro – Apple


  • Amazon – $50 off laptops
  • Overstock – $20 off Apple Airpods
  • Staples – 50% off laptops


Staples Back to School Laptops DealsComputers & tables at Staples


College and dorm décor

  • Dormify – 90% off clearance collections
  • Kohl’s – 28% off Big One Glitter Pom Inflatable Chair


Kohl's back to School Bedding Sale

JoJo Siwa bedding


  • Overstock – 70% off bedding and bath
  • PBTeen – 50% off select bedding and bedroom furniture
  • Pier 1 – 20% off bedroom furniture


Pier 1 20% OFF Bedroom FurnitureHaworth bedroom furniture on sale