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Bass Pro Shops to Serve Fudge

Bass Pro Shops to Serve Fudge

Guns and chocolate don’t always go together, but both tend to be a way to men’s heart. Sweet and strong also describes an ideal male, and those are so needed during this time of corona pandemic that is holding us all captive, still, socially distant, and often stressed out.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Promo

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s are staying open through this time and are operating with reduced hours and increased cleaning policies. The business considers itself essential and thus stays open to help people disconnect socially, but connect with nature.

Bass Pro Shops Fudge Shop

And then there is fishing and hunting as shopping is becoming less and less safe. Finally, economic turmoil is often followed by increased crime rate, so this company’s stores might really be essential.

Cabelas Fudge Shop

Now that we agreed that the outdoor store should stay open, can we agree that they should also serve homemade fudge? Yes, that’s right – fudge. Longtime customers of Cabela’s shouldn’t be surprised as this has been the company’s practice for a long time. And now that Cabela’s belongs to Bass Pro Shops, this practice should also be borrowed.

Bass Pro Shops Fudge

Sure, fudge is not quite pure chocolate and it won’t give you the same endorphins you get from cocoa confections, but it’s the next best thing and for many people a soothing taste from childhood. There are plenty of cities, where you won’t find fresh fudge no matter how hard you’ll look. Those cities and towns usually have an outdoor store somewhere though, so fudge idea comes naturally.

Bass Pro Shops Fudge Deals

To be fair to one another, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s serve different flavor fudge and all of them are made by different people in different locations, so comparison is not apples to apples, but it’s simply interesting to see how fudge and guns mash together.

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Cabela’s is a definite attraction by people who live and breathe outdoors. It’s heaven for hunters, fishermen, hikers, and anybody who wants to do anything outside. People come to Cabela’s for dates; it feels like a huge lodge with aquariums, taxidermy animals, cafes, and shooting ranges – perfect playground for rednecks.

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Once you are done looking at guns, fish, rain jackets, tackle, and boots, there is always a candy store somewhere at Cabela’s. There you will find various treats – licorice, peppermint brittles, sweets of all sorts, and fresh fudge made daily. And not just one flavor – rocky road, peanut butter, Road Kill, Moose Drool, and many others that vary by location. Each square costs about $3.50.

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Expect old fashioned powdery taste, rich flavor, and immediate satisfaction. It’s like going back in time when all was good and safe – this is why people come back for more.

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Bass Pro Shops are new at fudge serving and each location does it very differently. Most squeeze little fudge shops next to full-fledged restaurants that every location has. You can expect to find about a dozen old fashioned flavor fudge squares served in a shop that looks like a cabin from Little House in the Prairie. Shoppers love frequent sale of “buy 1 pound and get a ½ pound free”. That’s an insane amount of fudge for just $12!

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Bass Pro Shops Fudge Discount

There is a chance that not every flavor will be top of the line, in fact, some are quite the bottom of the lines, but the likes of Caramel Nut are to die for. Smooth and creamy, with nutty crunch and rich chocolate – you can survive every quarantine and all camping trips with a pound and a half of this!

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Bass Pro Shops might not become famous dessert destinations, but if you are ever there buying your survivalist style supplies, get yourself some fudge and make life a bit sweeter.