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Why You Should Visit Cabela's

Bunch of Animals at Cabela's Store

Visiting a physical store of Cabela’s is an exciting experience kindling lighthearted pleasure. People of all ages will walk out feeling enjoyed. Let me tell you about my experience while visiting Cabela’s in Reno, Nevada. The minute you walk in you’ll see a breathtaking design with birds on top, buffalo in the distance, and so much more. Its interior is almost like an indoor waterpark without the slides. When you walk forward, you’ll be met with a bunch of animals in a simulated environment. You’ll be able to learn the name of many edible animals as well as taking in all of their otherworldly shapes. This is just scratching the surface.

Kids Laser Guns at Cabela's

The kids will have a blast! Because the store primarily focuses on selling gear for hunters, it has a simulated shooting range with laser guns. You get 300 shots for only a few dollars. When you hit targets, sounds will play or certain motions will happen. If you shot a frying pan attached to the fence, it’ll swing side to side. If you hit a fireplace, it will ignite using orange lights. The list goes on. There weren’t even any lines! There are 20 guns and you’ll find one other person at most, so you could stay there until the store closes. My brother couldn’t take his hands away from the laser gun. He loved it so much that he wanted to stay there forever. Skip the lines at Disneyland and head straight to Cabela’s!

Cabela's Aquarium

Another thing for the kids is the aquarium filled with residing in both the Pacific Ocean and lakes within the area. People are able to carefully observe sturgeons, calico bass, catfish, and many more. The aquarium is also built like a cylinder, so it looks like it’s taken straight out of Sea World. Also, there’s a wall of fish from the smallest to the biggest sizes with names under them. Visiting Cabela’s definitely brings awareness to the animals that reside within nature around you.

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Mountain Lion at Cabela's

At the back of the store, there is also an artificial mountain to show animals that you might find while hiking in Nevada. You get everything from bears to mountain lions, even including birds and fish. While animals are fake, the fish are completely real. It’s like a koi pond, but the fish aren’t as colorful.

Animals at Cabelas Store

My brother took an interest in their animals. He learned the names of a few animals like deer and mountain lions, then, when we saw a deer on a hiking trail, he pointed the animal out. The store can even be educational!

Kid's Nature Zone at Cabela's

Of course, the store also features weapons like guns, bows, and crossbows. There certainly aren’t for kids, they’re more for hunting enthusiasts. You can also find camouflage clothes to hide within the green forests. Even if you’re not into hunting, the store is still worth visiting for inspiration. You might get your eyes opened to a new world you haven’t seen before. Your visit doesn’t mean that you have to buy something, it can simply be a visit to an entertaining place.

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