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Back to School with Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall Backpack Offer

Back to school season is actively ending kids’ summers everywhere, to immeasurable happiness for most parents. With last year being quite spotty for physical lessons, this year is finally looking up. Sure, most schools will require masks to be worn, but hopefully not for the entire year and not everywhere. Regardless of these inconveniences, we the parents are very excited to see kids return back to school and out of our hair.

Back to school means shopping for supplies, which was not even needed last year or at least not to the full extent. I am grateful to Personalization Mall for helping me be the coolest mom around. My kids absolutely love everything with their names on it. Last year I had personalized water bottles, pencil pouches, and book marks made for my kids by Personalization Mall. This year I continue to branch out even more!

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Personalization Mall Small Backpack

First, it’s the backpack. In my opinion, the backpack is the most important purchase for school. My kids tend to agree with me on that (at least here we see eye to eye). My younger son is only 5 and starting Pre-K this year, so no giant bag is needed just yet. Personalization Mall has a few smaller backpacks for kids of this age. They are not only very cute, but affordable too at just around $20. I looked at backpacks on Amazon and LL Bean, and those run up to $60 without any kind of customization.

Michael approved his backpack and is very happy with his name on this sports edition beauty. I love the fact that he won’t get it mixed up with anybody else’s or lose it. As always, the whole personalization process and delivery took just a few days, so there is still time to order your custom supplies from Personalization Mall. The prices don’t bite there and that’s very important because most back to school lists are very long and very specialized, so we can appreciate every opportunity to save.

Personalization Mall Back to School Banner

The second and also very important item was a Back to School banner for our house. It’s a very special celebration when your youngest goes back to school after a year of pandemic and well worth all the celebration possible. To help us create the mood, I ordered the back to school banner and Michael loved it. We’ll keep it hanging for a little while longer!

Personalization Mall Sports Bag

Since Michael wants to follow his big brother and is starting Taekwondo classes, I got him a sports bag that matches his backpack from Personalization Mall as well. It’s the same sports balls motive with his embroidered name for $35. Together those two bags make up Michael’s most beloved set. And having amazing bags makes him want to use them; hence he loves school and Taekwondo training, making me one happy momma.

Personalization Mall Bob Books

My little smart boy is reading already, so we indulge him in his first books. I recently bought him a box of Bob Books First Stories and he happily put name stickers from Personalization Mall on them. A set of 72 large stickers costs just $15.99 and will last forever, so I consider it a very good deal.

Personalization Mall Back to School Gift Set

While those three items were enough for now, there are so many cute and affordable personalized things for kids at Personalization Mall. I usually come back to check them out periodically and especially before holidays and special celebrations. As time goes on I better understand how much more special custom made things are to people than random thoughtless gifts, so I shop at Personalization Mall every chance I get. And back to school is just one of many occasions where personalized items go a long way, be it for kids, teachers, or parents themselves.