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Yoga Club Fall Box Review

Yoga Club Fall Box Discount

Yoga Club is one of my favorite boxes simply because I use leggings and athletic shirts all the time in the gym and outside of it. I rarely get into jeans or dresses anymore, because why? Corona has so many things cancelled and closed that I don’t have many occasions to get dressed up for. And leggings – they are perfect for grocery runs, dog walks, work from home, and playdates with friends and their kids, which all pretty much describe my life these days.

Buying leggings is a favorite type of shopping for me. I seriously enjoy browsing various websites and getting ads from my favorite stores. What I don’t like is prices of athletic wear even at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack. Getting brand name yoga leggings for under $100 is very not likely and it’s sad.

Yoga Club box brings leggings and 2 shirts for just $89 or $79 with yearly subscription. Being an avid shopper I know it would be hard to beat that. All apparel from Yoga Club is about 50% off retail prices. A subscription box also adds convenience factor because I don’t have to drive anywhere to shop or spend time browsing online.

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I go to gym 5 times every week and also walk my dog for 3 miles a few mornings per week, so to say that I need a lot of leggings is an understatement. I also treat my gym as my personal runway and even got a fashionista award there, so I have to keep up with legging supply – people expect that from me. Cute leggings are a confidence thing for me. Wearing a nice pair of shiny leggings makes me feel good and encourages me to hit the gym even harder. Anybody’s with me on this?

Long story short, I am obsessed with athletic wear and need a constant supply of leggings and shirts. This is why Yoga Club is perfect for me and I will continue with it.

This is what fall box brought for me:

Tricolor Whisper Sierra Leggings – $88

Yoga Club Tricolor Leggings

These leggings are high waisted and super comfortable. I also enjoy that they hold all my jiggly parts together without being too constricting.

Tricolor Whisper Sierra Leggings

Most of my shirts and sneakers are black, white, or grey, so these pants will work with most of the things I already have.

Ultra-Flow Alia Twist Back Teal Shirt – $60

Yoga Club Ultra-Flow Shirt

This shirt doesn’t look anything special right out of the box, but once I put it on, it fits me like a glove with some breathing room. I absolutely adore the twisty back design and how seamless it feels during all my cardio and strength training sessions.

Ultra-Flow Alia Twist Back Teal Shirt

I wore it with white leggings and runners once and got all kinds of compliments. Long sleeves are also a plus for all those cool fall morning runs.

Whisper Caroline Tank in Ivory – $54

Yoga Club Whisper Caroline Tank in Ivory

This light ivory tank is as sexy as it is comfortable. It has tight fit and crossed straps on the back. The color works great with Sierra leggings from this same company and compliments each other. White tank top can go with jeans just as well for sweltering summer days that we still have plenty left of. I can definitely see myself grocery shopping or taking my kids to a park wearing this top. It’s very cute!

Yoga Club Caroline Tank in Ivory

Total value of this box is $202 and I can definitely believe that. Paying just $89 for all that makes me feel great. If I like one more box just as much, I will probably switch to a yearly subscription and save another $10 per box.

I can’t wait to model all the combinations of my new and old fitness apparel!