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Why Personalized Luggage is A Must

Personalized LuggageA Set of Two Dark-Blue Suitcases Personalized by Pottery Barn Kids

For me having personalized luggage is a must when I travel. Several years ago I ordered personalized suitcases for each member of my family at Pottery Barn Kids. At the photo you can see our travel bags: one is mine and the other is my son’s. They are quite big, of the same beautiful navy-blue color with bright light green trim. Mine comes with a crocodile applique and Vanya’s is plain.  Each bears the name of the owner, so it is easy to spot them in a glance. The design is unique and there is no other luggage like that, except the one that belongs to my husband.

Travel with Personalized Luggage“Many Bags Look Alike” Notice at John Wayne Airport, Orange County.

The reason why I ordered personalized luggage is obvious: I wanted it to stand out so that I could easily recognize it among other suitcases. During our most recent trip to Virginia we even saw a notice saying that many bags look alike and sometimes it can be difficult to tell the bags apart. And this is true.

Baggage ClaimDelta Airlines Baggage Claim (John Wayne Airport)

When you are at the baggage claim you can see many bags that look exactly like yours. And the personalized baggage is an ideal solution to this problem. It is always unique. Not only is it stylish and exclusive but it is also practical and functional. It will also help you save your time in the airport at the baggage claim.

Personalized Luggage ClaimPersonalized Suitcase at Chech-In (John Wayne Airport)

During the long trip, especially when you are traveling with kids you need to have some bag for food and water supplies. We usually bring with us my younger son’s school lunch bag. We’ve got it personalized too. With vibrant colors and eye-catching design Michael’s lunch bag is hard to lose. Should you lose it the bag with the name of the owner is easy to find! And all due to personalization!

Personalized Luggage with BagMy Son’s Personalized Carry-On Luggage by Persinalization Mall

In fact, not only Pottery Barn Kids offers personalized products. I also order personalized products at Personalization Mall. Recently I purchased back to school supplies and personalized beach towels using discount from Personalization Mall. I found the discount online at one of the couponing sites and was happy to use it. Things Remembered is also a good place to shop for exclusive birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts.

Backpack for Traveling with KidsPersonalization Mall Lunch Bag

There are so many advantages of having one-of-the-kind products. First, you can choose your favorite color for the item of your choice or opt for the color to perfectly match your particular look. Second, you can get your product embroidered or engraved with the signature writing or special images to get it really unique. Whether you are ordering for yourself or for your family and friends personalized products make anyone feel special. It is the way to express your love and care, opportunity to use your creativity and demonstrate your good taste.